The Kitchen Cure

For those of you who are scared to go into your kitchens, may I suggest you head over to Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn blog and join their six-week kitchen cure? “The goal, in six fast weeks” according to the site, “is for your kitchen to be clean, healthy

and organized, and your cooking more nourishing and delicious than

ever.” What a great way to start your Spring.

A Springy Lunch at Al Di La


Al Di La is one of my favorite restaurants: not just in Park Slope, but anywhere. As anyone who’s been there for dinner knows, they don’t take reservations and often the wait can be more than an hour long. So going to Al Di La is often a special occasion, a complicated affair that requires putting your name in, going somewhere else for a drink, waiting for your phone to ring (they call you) and journeying back. But now all that’s changed: Al Di La lovers can rejoice — one of New York’s best Italian restaurants is now open for lunch.

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Gourmet Chutzpah

reichl.jpgWhen I read “Garlic & Sapphires,” Ruth Reichl’s memoir of being a

restaurant critic, I craved a video or at least a portrait gallery of

her in her many get-ups. Now there’s something better: a hilarious video on of Ms. Reichl in action that you shouldn’t let anyone spoil for you–it’s funny, surprising, and definitely brave.

Bea Arthur’s Lamb

bea.jpgMany of us were saddened this weekend to learn that Bea Arthur died. I grew up watching “The Golden Girls” with my great-grandmother, Helen, and to this day, when I need a break, I’ll watch an episode or two on Lifetime. What many of you may not know is that Bea Arthur had a one-woman show on Broadway a few years ago that began with the line: “I’d like to talk to you about lamb. Specifically, leg of …” The recipe is rather general but the story that goes with it is pretty great.

[See also this L.A. Times story that covers the recipe too.]