McNulty’s Blue Eyes Herbal Tea


Last week I had a tiny bit of a hangover after meeting friends for drinks the night before. The solution? I fried up two eggs, sunnyside up, toasted some bread and squished it all together into an oily, decadent sandwich. And because I was craving something greasy and yolky, it was seriously one of the best bites I can remember having in recent memory: it totally and completely hit the spot.

What does that have to do with tea? Well a week before last, both Craig and I were sick with nasty, ugly colds. And with our sore throats, we didn’t want coffee, we wanted tea. I reached into my cabinet and pulled out a gift that my friend Matthew Horovitz gave me for my birthday: tea from Mcnulty’s Tea & Coffee Co. in the West Village.

He actually bought me several different kinds, but because this was late at night, we didn’t want anything with caffeine, so we reached for the herbal option–a tea called Blue Eyes.

And, folks, much like that egg sandwich the morning of my hangover, this tea truly hit the spot. First of all, I’ve never seen a tea so beautiful–look at all the colors:


Second of all, the smell. This had a floral and fruity smell unlike any tea I’ve ever brewed; according to the website, it contains: Hibiscus, rosehips, cornflowers and rhubarb cream. How often do you find those ingredients in your tea?

This tea sustained us through our illness and though the tea, now, is all gone, we’re both much better. Is that a coincidence? Or did the tea cure us? Either way, it’s almost worth getting sick just to have some McNulty’s Blue Eyes tea: I plan to stock up next time I’m in the Village for our next bad cold. I’m almost looking forward to it!

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