The John Dory

February 25, 2009 | By | COMMENTS

My apologies: the first time I posted this, the files were huge! Here we go again, with much smaller files.






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  • Mouton Noir

    What a great post!! i love the comic book theme!!

  • Jackie

    A work of art! Love it.

    Definitely want to check this place out soon.

    Your parents visit often, huh? I’m just jealous cuz my folks live overseas. :(

  • Jenny

    Ditto that! I love it!! Those scallops look amazing.

  • meleyna

    Haha, that’s hilarious. Ariel is HUGE right now at the daycare I teach at, as somehow I ended up with a class of all girls.

    Was the bread really better than that uni toast? Because I would kill for that.

  • zeep

    Great post – food looks phenomenal and I’m always a sucker for the comic book approach… Also, a good Willy Wonka reference is a winner every time! Cheers AG.

    By the way, I know that beer and wine are not at the very tippy-top of your list, but have you ever considered doing a post on a wine tasting or a beer tasting or something like that? Just a thought…

  • Phoo-D

    This post totally cracked me up – my favorite was the threatening Walt Disney. I’m still laughing.

    Great stuff.


  • margaux

    Ahh! Ariel, Walt Disney AND Willy Wonka? Genius, Adam, pure Genius. Also, toast head took me over the top.

  • Lu

    I love your little BDs.

  • BrieCS

    I feel the need to comment to tell you this. I have been reading your blog for about two months, and your blog alone has made me want to go to New York, this post in particular. I live in Pittsburgh, and while there are a lot of great restaurants, I am really big on restaurants like those you have showcased recently.

    Considering nothing else has drawn me to want to visit New York, I just wanted to thank you for opening up the interest to me, because otherwise, I would have never thought it was worth visiting – aside from the museums, which I would probably not make a trip alone for.

    Thank you!

  • Amanda

    So Stan Lee–love the format!

  • Stephanie

    HAHAHA !! Loved this. Awesome post.

  • Kate

    Hahaha. I love this post! Little Mermaid was one of my favs.

  • Rebecca

    What a fun post! Loved the graphics and poor littel ariel at the end!

  • Kristin

    I love Mickey seconding Walt’s threat.

  • Laura

    I’m sure it was delicious, but that John Dory is looking a little funky! The place looks so great…camp, but perfectly so.

  • Jen

    I read about this restaurant some weeks back in the NY Times, the food looks incredible! And the post? Brilliant!

  • The Daily Colander

    Adam, I just love it when you do the comic book stuff. Too funny!

  • A

    Brilliant post. Your picture skills have improved and the pics look awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • Shana Ray

    Always entertaining.

  • Teresa

    Love this.

  • Barbra

    I wish all restaurant reviews were like this.

  • Joanna

    Oh gosh! Fermented mermaid! My eyes, my eyes!

    The meal does look awesome, especially those scallops with pomegranate seeds. I love seafood so I’ll have to add The John Dory to my list of restaurants to try!

  • unconfidential cook

    This is so well done! So impressive! Thank you.

  • Hillary

    Yay comic book posts. Did you really have to ferment Ariel?!!

  • Melissa

    Loved this comic post! I’ve enjoyed the ones in the past too.

    Love the fish tank also. Coolness.

  • Shaina Loew

    hey I just went to the John Dory last weekend too! I have to agree that it was kickass–I’ve recounted my similarly enjoyable experince on my blog,

  • http://www, Krieger

    Brilliant post.. really good stuff!

  • Florence Bastien

    Loving the comics! :-)