Weekend Breakfasts


Weekends are for making breakfast. I used to think weekends were for going to brunch, and we still do go out to brunch every now and then, but I’ve started to embrace the simplicity, comfort and relative cheapness of making those same dishes at home.

Take the dish you see above: that’s called a dutch baby; a big, puffy, baked pancake. I got the recipe from The Joy of Cooking, but Molly has a pretty gorgeous looking one on her site too (click here.) Whichever recipe you choose, it couldn’t be simpler: you mix melted butter, eggs, flour and milk (or in Molly’s case, half-and-half), pour that into a skillet and bake in the oven. I’d recently purchased a cast iron skillet, and there was something especially satisfying about making a dutch baby in a cast iron. How much would this be if you had this at a restaurant? I’m guessing, at least, $12. At home, assuming you already have milk, eggs and flour in your fridge, it’s free.

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I Tried To Invent A Pudding


Ok, the election is over, we can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief, and move on with our lives. What better way to move on than to try to invent a pudding?

After making Elise’s foolproof recipe for chocolate pudding (click here) several times–it’s become something of a staple in our home–I began to think deeply about the process. “Ok,” I thought, ” to make chocolate pudding you put milk in a pot with sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch and a pinch of salt. You heat and whisk vigorously until it gets really thick, then you add an egg and some more chocolate and put in ramekins or mugs and refrigerate. That’s all you do.”

My thoughts continued: “So why can’t I just put anything I want in milk, add cornstarch and sugar and a pinch of salt, and make whatever kind of pudding I can dream up? Why can’t I invent my own pudding?”

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Deliriously Happy…

…and proud of my country tonight. They’re hooting and hollering outside in Park Slope, but I just had to load this up because it felt incredibly appropriate. Congrats, President Obama. (Wow, that felt good to type.)


I’m sure I don’t need to tell my readers to go out and vote or who to vote for (can you guess who I’m voting for?) but just in case there’s a person out there sitting at home reading this, apathetically eating Doritos with Dorito fingers scared of getting Dorito dust on the voting booth go wash your hands and vote. In fact, that’s where I’m headed now–maybe I’ll see you there, Dorito Fingers! Let’s do this.

Turkey Kong

Fans of Lindy’s banners are really going to dig this month’s riff on Thanksgiving. Click on over from your Reader; if you still see trick-or-treating candidates, clear your cache and load it up again. Thanks, again, to my awesome team of banner makers: Lindy, Leah, Justin & Ben. You guys are the best; gobble, gobble.

Alex’s Birthday Dinner


You may recall that the worst meal I’ve ever cooked for people in my life was the meal I cooked for my friends Alex and Raife in March of 2007 (see here). Rereading that post, I don’t think it was as awful as I remember it being; but the pressure was high because Alex, one of my closest friends from college, had never experienced my cooking (she’d only seen me defrost California Pizza Kitchen pizzas when we lived together) and I wanted to impress her. Well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Luckily, Alex has a birthday. And now she lives in New York and so does our friend Raife who was also there at that disastrous dinner. So to celebrate Alex’s birthday, which was in October, I invited them both over for a gigantic do-over. How did I fare?

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