Roseanne’s Halloween Episodes

No TV show had better Halloween episodes than “Roseanne”; you could tell the writers, the actors, and Roseanne herself relished these episodes season after season. This one, I think, is one of the best: all you need to know is that Dan and Roseanne are competing to see who can scare the other most. Don’t miss the final scene, it’s worth it! I’ll post some more Roseanne Halloween episodes after the jump; hope you have a very creepy, spooky day and that you eat lots of candy.

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Twitter Updates, On The Side

You’ll notice on the left side of the page, above our Flickr pool (which is so awesome, by the way; thanks to all of you uploading pictures!) you can now follow my Twitter feed. So now there’s an extra reason to visit my page a thousand times a day: you can see what I’m doing EVERY SECOND of EVERY MOMENT of the day. What am I doing right now? I don’t even know, I better check my Twitter feed. I’m all atwitter with Twittering. Thanks to Ben my old/new programmer for setting this up!

The Key Food Across The Street


The Key Food across the street is not a farmer’s market. The produce is wrapped in plastic; sometimes the lemons are moldy. The chickens are mostly Perdue, though I’m lucky they also carry Belle & Evans and D’Artagnan. The lines can be long, though self-checkout is helping. It’s hard to find a wagon inside; and once you go inside, it’s hard to get back outside when you realize there are no wagons to be had. But there are baskets, and that’s usually what I take.

I’m not going to lie: I love the Key Food across the street. I know that’s a guilty secret for a modern day food lover who reads Michael Pollan and has a desire for all peoples to support farmer’s markets, to reject the industrialization of food. But the Key Food is convenient; and, more than that, it’s a fascinating microcosm, a hodgepodge of personalities, a living experiment in class, gender and race. And they play GREAT music.

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A.G. Flickr Pool

It’s the last time I’ll mention it, promise! But check out the left side of my page now: you’ll see YOUR Flickr pictures staring back at you. Yes, I am prominently featuring The Amateur Gourmet Flickr Pool on the main page of the blog. Which means your dinner, your lunch, your breakfast, your snack can be featured for all the world to see with just a couple of clicks. So please: upload your food pictures to my pool. I want to see what you’re eating; I’m obsessed with you and everything you eat. Deal with it!

Braised Lamb Neck Proven├žal


First of all, let’s give credit where credit is due: look at the “c” I put in the word “Provencal” in this post’s title. That “c” has the appropriate squiggle in it; I copied it from the Wikipedia page for Provencal. What does that squiggle denote? I have no idea, but the squiggle is there and who do you have to thank? Me, that’s who.

Second of all: lamb’s neck. Are you grossed out? You really shouldn’t be. I first ate lamb’s neck at the offal dinner Chris Cosentino cooked at the Astor Center last year (watch video here). Unlike the raw venison liver I consumed, or, for that matter, beef heart tartare, the lamb’s neck was the least forbidding of the dishes served; on the plate, it looks no different from a braised lamb shank (except for the shape) and it tastes twice as good. Why? It’s a fattier cut of meat.

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An Engagement Story


This post doesn’t really involve food, though it takes a detour to Jean-Georges by way of Ssam Bar. Instead, it concerns two prominent figures from this blog who you’ve known and loved for as long as I’ve known and loved them; namely, Diana, my close friend and former roommate, and Mark, Craig’s close friend and film school classmate. We introduced these two back when Craig and I first met; specifically, we introduced them over drinks at Pastis after Diana came to dinner with my parents. Since then, we’ve shared many meals, we’ve travelled together and, last Monday, we celebrated their engagement.

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Weekend Baking: Crispy Salted White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies


This is baking weather, peoples. What better on a chilly day than to fill the apartment/house/shack with the smell of something baking in the oven? Nothing better, I say, nothing.

Last weekend I had you make a chocolate cake and many of you came through; but this time I bet even more of you will join in. Why? Because those cookies you see above are maddeningly awesome; they come from the brilliant Smitten Kitchen website (seriously, is there a prettier website alive?) and the cookies are, to quote Michael Jackson, devilishly good. Let me put it in pretentious foodie terms: the salinity of the salt plays off the sweetness of the white chocolate, and the oats create a texture that is substantive without being heavy. And I took ’em out a bit early so they were actually pretty chewy (which I like) not so much crispy. So I guess you could call ’em “Deb’s Chewy Crispy Salted White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies” but that’d be a mouthful.

Your assignment: make the cookies. Here’s the recipe: the recipe. Take a picture of yourself or your loved ones with the finished cookies and upload the pictures to the Amateur Gourmet Photo Group on Flickr and prepare to see yourself on the blog on Monday. Millions of people will ogle you and talk about how sexy you are and how much they love your cookies. What could be better?

Have a salty, chewy, white chocolate-filled weekend.