Smoked Salmon Entries

As you can see in the post below this, I offered my readers, this weekend, an opportunity to win dinner for two at the James Beard House this Thursday. Since the meal is Nova Scotia-themed, I asked my readers to either make a recipe using smoked salmon or to place smoked salmon on the face of a sleeping loved one. The following are the entries I received; now it’s your job to vote for your favorite in the comments. Since it’s possible, I suppose, for sneaky entrants to vote for themselves many times, I’ll use my discretion in choosing the winner tonight at midnight. And so, without further ado, here we go…

Entrant 1: Heidi S.

Our first entrant ambitiously attempted both challenges; she made this nice looking smoked salmon tart:


And she also placed a package of smoked salmon on her sleeping face. (The label says “Really Nova Scotian.”)


Entrant 2: Stephanie K.

Stephanie K. not only made a smoked salmon sweet potato hash…


…she also blogged about it here. Do we give her extra points for blogging?

Entrant 3: Rachael K.

Full disclosure: Entrant 3 is my friend and co-worker Rachael K. from Food Network. With that said, she’s fully entitled to enter and I think she makes an adorable showing here with her cat, Professor Pork Chop:


According to Rachael, “He woke up very confused as to why his fir was so damn tasty.”

Entrant 4: Rochelle B.

Amateur Gourmet enthusiast Rochelle B. showed off her cooking chops with this “smoked salmon ‘clafoutis’ type thing”:


And here’s a beauty shot:


Maybe she can provide a recipe in the comments? (Also: maybe she can give me hair tips? Hers is cool!)

* * * * *

Ok, those are our entrants. Who deserves to win? Time to put it to the vote; click comments and tell us your favorite!

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