101 Foods with Mark Bittman’s Initials (COMPLETE!)

July 2, 2008 | By | COMMENTS

After Mark Bittman’s third foray into 101 lists, I thought it’d be fun to make a list of 101 foods with Mark Bittman’s initials. Here we go….

**UPDATE: Thanks to the help of my brilliant readers, we have completed the list. Check it out!**

1. Meat Balls

2. Malt Balls

3. Matzoh Balls

4. Melted Brie

5. Melon Balls

6. Matzoh Brei

7. Mashed Banana

8. Mango Beef

9. Marinated Beets

10. Marinated Beef

11. Mushroom Bolognese

12. Marble (rye) Bagel

13. Melted Butter

14. Mexican Breadfruit

15. Milk-chocolate Brownie

16. Marinated Beans

17. Mung Beans

18. Maitre (d’hotel) Butter

19. Marrow Bones

20. Mont Blanc

21. Mountain Berries

22. Monkey Bread

23. Multigrain Bread

24. Marshmallow Brownies

25. Marshmallow Bunnies

26. Mrs. Butterworth’s

27. Malted Beverage

28. Minced Beef

29. Mocha Beans

30. Mozzarella Bocconcini

31. Mesquite Barbecue

32. Mars Bars

33. Macerated Berries

34. Mushroom Burger

35. Mixed Bag (aka leftovers at Val’s house)

36. Mint Brownies

37. Minced Buffalo

38. Mixed Bivalves

39. Mushroom Burrito

40. Mexican Burrito

41. Mashed Brains

42. Mooshu Beef

43. Mushroom Bread

44. Marmite Bread

45. Milk Bread

46. Mandel Bread

47. Matrimonial Bars

48. Macaroon Bars

49. Marzipan Bars

50. Macadamia Bars

51. Maple Biscuits

52. Maple Butter

53. Macadamia Butter

54. Mint Butter

55. Marmalade Butter

56. Malt Beer

57. Masala Beef

58. Maple Biscotti

59. Meaty Borscht

60. Mashed Beans

61. Mandarin Beef

62. Minced Beets

63. Marinated Bruschetta

64. Margarita Balls

65. Mexican Beans

66. Marinated Broccoli

67. Mushroom Bisque

68. Monkfish Bisque

69. Margarine Blend

70. Multi-grain Bagels

71. Miller Beer

72. Macaroni Bake

73. Marie’s Blue (cheese salad dressing)

74. Maytag Blue

75. Mini Bagels

76. Melted Bark

77. Milk Bones (for the pups)

78. Mushroom Beignet

79. Marbled Beef

80. Meunster Blintz

81. Maple Bacon

82. Mozzarella Balls

83. Marisco’s Burrito

84. Mushroom Brioche

85. Mocha Bars

86. Mongolian Barbecue

87. Malted Barley

88. Macerated Brambles

89. Mango Bellini

90. Mashed Banana

91. Millet Breat

92. Marion Berries

93. Magic Bars

94. Macadamia Brownies

95. Marble Bundt (cake)

96. Minted Berries

97. Melon Bread

98. Meat Bread

99. Mango Butter

100. Mango Beer

101. Mmmmm Bacon (thanks Anna)

Thanks for all the help everyone! Some are stretches, but it’s the spirit of the thing that counts.

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  • Anna


  • jay brennan

    melon balls

    matzoh brei

    monkey brains (chilled, of course)

  • Rachel

    5. Matzoh Brei

  • sliny

    mashed banana

    mango beef

    marinated beets/beef/brussel sprouts/bamboo

    melon balls

    mushroom bolognese

  • Amanda

    Marble (rye) bagel

    Melted butter

    Mexican breadfruit

    Milk-chocolate brownie

    Marinated beans

    Mung beans

    Maitre (d’hotel) butter

    Marrow bones

    Matzo brei

    Mont blanc

    Mountain berries

    Monkey bread

  • Anonymous

    multigrain bread

  • Anonymous

    multigrain bread

  • http://profile.to/franmag/ Fran

    Marshmallow Brownies

  • http://profile.to/franmag/ Fran

    And Marshmallow Bunnies of course.

  • Sue

    Mrs. Butterworth’s

  • bcarter3

    Mac, Big. (Sorry)

  • JB in San Diego

    Malted beverage (preferably a nice IPA)

    Minced beef

    Mocha beans

    I love the mmm… bacon entry from Anna.

  • renferi

    Mozzarella Bocconcini

  • renferi

    Mesquite Barbecue

  • Anne

    Mars Bars

  • Sofia

    macerated berries.

  • http://www.teaandfood.blogspot.com Aaron Kagan

    Mario Batali (cooked).


  • http://madball911.blogspot.com Vicki

    Mayonnaise biscuits!

  • Val

    mushroom burger

    mixed bag (aka leftovers at our house)

    mint brownie

    minced buffalo

    mixed bivalves

    mushroom burrito

    Mexican burrito

    mashed brains

    mooshu beef

  • Marc

    You can mix and match a lot of these…


    moldy bread

    maple bread

    melon bread

    mango bread

    meat bread

    mushroom bread

    marmite bread

    milk bread

    mandel bread (mandelbrot)

    marble bread

    marmalade bread


    matrimonial bars

    Macaroon bars

    mars bars

    marzipan bars

    macadamia bars

    mango bars

    maple bars

    marble bars


    macadamia biscuits

    macaroon biscuits

    maple biscuits

    mint biscuits

    milk biscuit


    maple butter

    macadamia butter

    mint butter

    mace butter

    mango butter

    melon butter

    marmalade butter


    maple beer

    mango beer

    malt beer

    milk beer

    marshmallow beer


    masala beef

    maple biscotti

    meaty borscht

    mashed beans

    mandarin beef

    minced beef

    minced beets

    mango bruschetta

    marinated bruschetta

    margarita balls

    mexican beans

    meat brisket

    marinated beets

    marinated broccoli

  • Kristi

    mushroom bisque

    monkfish bisque

    margarine blend

    multi-grain bagels

    Miller beer

    macaroni bake

    Marie’s blue (cheese salad dressing)

    Maytag blue

  • Anonymous


  • http://myfoodtoday.blogspot.com/ Summer

    marble brownies

    melted bark

    Milk Bones (for the pups)

  • E

    maraschino cherries!

  • jonathan

    uh. E…


  • Gwen

    mushroom beignet

  • Dana

    marbled beef

    meunster blintz

    maple bacon

    mozzarella balls

    marrow beans

    mortgage lifter beans

    mariscos burrito

    mushroom brioche

    mocha bar cookies

  • Darren

    Mongolian barbecue? :)

  • http://www.helengraves.co.uk helen

    Malted Barley

  • http://www.xanga.com/steph_lovaaaaa Steph

    Macerated brambles!

  • Vickie

    Mango Bellini

    Mashed Banana

    Mongolian Barbecue

    Monica Bellucci

  • Vickie

    Mango Bellini

    Mashed Banana

    Mongolian Barbecue

    Monica Bellucci

  • http://onefoodguy.blogspot.com one food guy

    Millet bread

  • http://cultofdomesticity.blogspot.com laura

    milled barley

    marion berries

    macadamia brownies

    magic bars (graham cracker crust w/ coconut, choc chips, nuts and sweetened condensed milk)

    marble bundt (cake)

  • http://cultofdomesticity.blogspot.com laura

    Mint brownies

    Minted berries

  • http://cookbookcafe.blogspot.com Lisa

    Monkey Bollocks…. got to be some avant garde joint that serves them!

  • http://chewonthatblog.com Hillary

    Omg, this is so funny! Thanks!

  • Kristi

    Er… mashed banana appears twice! (#7 and #90)

    How about macadamia/maple blondies?

    Molten (chocolate cake) batter?

    “Muddy buddies”? (Chex mix with peanut butter and chocolate chips)

  • http://bedouina.typepad.com Leila Abu-Saba

    This made me laugh!!! Thank you.

  • http://www.fromargentinawithlove.typepad.com Rebecca

    How do you do it? I can just imagine you sitting around on the couch after one cocktail too many coming up with this idea. Astounding.