The Most Dangerous Corner in New York

June 9, 2008 | By | COMMENTS

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  • Natty

    Are those the cookies that won on Throw Down with Bobby Flay? Those cookies are ridiculous! I want one!

  • Alex


  • Mom

    I want to know what she’s drinking with that delicious cookie!!!!

  • Kelleah

    How about us poor folk who don’t live in NY city, Do they have mail orders? They look so good.

  • Sarah

    oy, another person singing the praises of Levain! I totally agree, but to a certain extent the place used to be an Upper West Side secret and first the Food Network outed it, now this… it’s getting harder and harder for me to just pop in and buy one of their enormous, ridiculously delicious cookies at a moment’s notice. I am happy for them but selfishly want to keep them all for MYSELF!! Alas, isn’t that always the way with these great little places?

  • cher128

    I thought the cookies visually were on the money but, and I may be the only person that thinks so, I thought the cookies were way too sweet.

    After one bite, I gave the remainder to my friend.

  • LindaIg

    cher128 is right on. I live across the street from Levain and have bought only one chocolate cookie, six years ago when I moved here, and promptly gave it to my spouse after the first bite. However, that frozen hot chocolate from Jacques Torres is the best around, especially since SQC is gone.