Mamoun’s Falafel


It’s a shameful fact that up until last week, I’d never been to Mamoun’s Falafel. For someone who went to grad school at NYU and spent two years flitting about Washington Squre Park, it amounts to something of an outrage. Mamoun’s is an NYU tradition: cheap, fast, and flavorful falafel all just a few steps away from classes. Last week, though, I was a perfect Mamoun’s candidate. I’d gotten my haircut at my new favorite haircut secret, Sei Tomoko (not a secret anymore!), where Japanese hair stylists pound your back into submission (I started laughing the first time they “massaged” me–I felt like a punching bag) and then style your hair with exceptional skill for an incredibly reasonable $40. Afterwards, I was starving and Craig had dinner plans so I sauntered over to Mamoun’s.

Here’s the falafel I ate:


Was it the best falafel in the world? Not by a long shot. But for $4, you get an incredibly filing pita packed full with falafel, lettuce, tomatoes, and tahini. And you eat it outside on Sullivan Street (or is it McDougal?) standing up as the world passes you by. The guy in the picture at the top of this post yelled to his friend when his friend asked for his falafel on a different kind of bread: “They only have pita, fuckwad!”

It’s dinner and a show for $4. What can beat that? I only wish I was still enrolled at NYU so I could go to Mamoun’s more often. Maybe I’ll go to film school next. Another degree couldn’t hurt, could it?

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