Video Podcast: Let’s Read This Month’s Gourmet

May 22, 2008 | By | COMMENTS

[Here's my attempt at Reichl's almond tart. Looking back, I think I'd do a better job with it now--the biggest problem was my inability to roll out the pastry. But I also remember the filling being unpleasantly grainy from all those ground up almonds.]

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  • Cindy

    Fun video Adam! Keep it up, I love it. And, I’m starting to prefer Gourmet over Bon Appetit for the reasons you mention.

  • Sheana

    Great video, Adam! I know you say Gourmet is your favorite, but I wonder if you’d be up for doing more regular reviews of all kinds of food magazines? My partner and I subscribe to Bon Appétit and we both like it, but I’d like to see more of what’s out there. Personally, I’ve shied away from Gourmet because it just seemed somewhat old-fashioned and stodgy to me; I confess I haven’t peeked inside one lately, though, so maybe things are a little fresher?

  • Phoebe

    Ooh, I so feel your pain about not being able to grill when that’s all the magazines are talking about. By the time I finally get a place to grill, I will have hundreds of recipes stockpiled. It’s not fair.

  • Jess

    Loved the review post! You are just so cute with the shakey camera and all!

    I don’t subscribe to Gourmet, I buy it now and again but your observation about it being a bit “snobby” hits right on with me. 2 that I really love are Cooks Country ( and Fine Cooking ( I really feel that they share beautiful pictures with gourmet, easy recipes that follow the seasons. I got them both for Christmas last year and just love to discover that I have a new one in the mailbox.

  • Kristin

    Loved it! In the 1st section it looked like your eyes were focused to the side instead of looking at us but then it got better and everything else was lovely! Can’t wait to see another!

  • Rover

    Hey Adam – Your words were spot on! Especially about the beauty shot of a dish and then having to find the itty-bitty page number of the recipe in the middle of the mag. It gets frustrating, And yep, sorry Ruth – I too, had a problem with the Almond Tart(and Martha, and Ina, and dare I say, Julia) I’ve had a couple of flawed recipes that I’ve had to “make it work” – thank you Tim Gunn – and I’ve been to culinary school too so I’m not a novice! I do love Gourmets last page though, in fact, I need to replay the video. Didn’t you say something about a Chocolate Cherry Brownie? I might have to renew my subscription. So, Ms. Reichl, not to worry, thanks to Adam, you’ve won me back.

  • Shaun

    Adam ~ This is a cute and candid feature, and I hope you continue to do it. I have no friends in New Zealand (or in the US, for that matter, aside from my partner Eric) who care to discuss food magazines, so with your new feature, I can pretend we’re yapping about the latest issue.

    As for feeling elevated, I find that there is more of a tendency towards appreciating beauty in produce and well-cooked dishes than there is towards snobbery. Gourmet captures this better than most food magazines.

    I ate pounds of crab meat last summer when my partner and I were playing around with various crab cake recipes (if you’re bored, check out: I look forward to hearing about your favourite crab cake recipe of the day.

  • Sarah

    Please continue this feature!

    I love Gourmet’s photos, but my favorite back page(-s; it is a foldout) is Fine Cooking’s; it is similar to Gourmet’s, being multiple takes on a theme (stir-fry, etc.) but there are more recipes. Tasty, tasty business.

    Love the TMBG!

  • Books for Foodies

    Adam – this by far has been my favorite thing you’ve EVER posted. I really hope you continue these videos. It was like a bookclub but with a magazine. AWESOME!