The Top 10 Greatest Dishes of All Time

as determined by me, at 12:05 AM, in no particular order.

Almond Cake

Pasta (my #1, if I was ranking)

Caesar Salad

Rib-Eye Steak

Roast Chicken

The Prune Hamburger (it has lamb in it)

The Anchovy Pizza at Franny’s


The Lobster Roll at Pearl Oyster Bar




1. I realize that this list doesn’t really hold together, that bagels aren’t really a “dish” in the same way that cassoulet is a dish.

2. But, in my defense, these were the first 10 foods I thought of when asked to compile a “Top 10” list, so that has to count for something, right?

3. I once pitched this post to Craig and he said he didn’t get it. “So are you talking about restaurant dishes or just foods in general? It doesn’t really make sense.”

4. Craig isn’t here right now, he’s en route from L.A.

5. Craig’s parents are here, though, they’re in town for his graduation. I made them dinner tonight: Caesar salad (on the list!), lasagna (not on the list) and almond cake (on the list!) I’m a man of my convictions.

6. What’s on your list of The Top 10 Greatest Dishes of All Time? No need to write them in order. Or to have your list make sense. Just make sure to write it at 12:05 AM.

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