The Next Food Network Star


I feel like i’ve done a decent job of keeping church and state separate here on my blog; now that I work for Food Network, you don’t see me blatantly promoting its shows, do you? I’m not writing love letters to Sandra Lee am I? No, no, no: the two things are very separate. Only now, I’d like to offer you three reasons to watch the premier of Next Food Network Star Season 4 this Sunday night at 10:

1. I interviewed the entire cast when they arrived their very first day and interviewed each of them as they got kicked off, so I can answer all of your questions as the show progresses; (you can see my interviews with all the cast members here);

2. After each episode, we’re going to post a “viewing party” on The FN Dish where you get to hear my immediate reaction as well as that of my co-host and friend, Food Network’s newest star, Sunny Anderson. (Sunny, by the way, has a really fun blog–check it out here.)

3. At the end of every episode, you’ll see a commercial on-air featuring me in a blue sweater. Isn’t that reason enough? You can be sitting there with your friends and family and say, “Hey, I know that guy!” or, at the very least, “Hey! I read his blog!”

Enjoy the weekend and see you guys on-air this Sunday night!

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