The Indoctrination of a New New Yorker

March 31, 2008 | By | COMMENTS

You guys remember Lauren, don’t you? She was there at the dawn of this blog; my law school roommate in Atlanta who oversaw all my initial disasters and experiments in the kitchen. Surely you remember her from this sourdough bread video? When we graduated school, I moved to New York and she made the ridiculous mistake of moving to Washington DC. (Remember this video from when I visited her there?) Well, the fantastic news is she’s finally come to her senses and moved back to where she grew up, New York, New York and I took it upon myself to re-indoctrinate her as an official New Yorker. For anyone else thinking of moving to New York, here are the official steps [click to enlarge]:


Welcome to New York, Lauren! Don’t forget to ask for a doggie bag….

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  • RA

    Yay, Katz’s! Way to break her in, Adam!

  • Michael Natkin

    I just remember being perplexed by their ticket system. Almost guaranteed to induce a faux pas in an unguided visitor :). But that’s half the fun. We had one of the great eating days of our lives starting at Katz’s around 11 AM and finishing at Lupa much later, with about 10 stops in between all over the Lower East Side and Village.

  • Becky

    aaaah…this post made me miss new york city so much. we don’t have truly good corned beef sandwiches at georgetown.

  • Hillary

    I wish we had a Katz’ deli around these parts. Love the comic.