My First Celebrity Fan


Clicking through The Amateur Gourmet Facebook group (have you joined yet?), I noticed that one of the members had a familiar name. I clicked the name and as I read about this person it became clear to me that this person is a downtown theater legend–Kenny Mellman, aka Herb the piano-playing half of Kiki & Herb. If you don’t know about Kiki and Herb, you’re either living in a broom closet somewhere or you’re not from New York (which is kind of the same thing–just kidding!) But they are legendary performers, most recently having played Carnegie Hall & Broadway. I have since e-mailed with Kenny and he confirms that he is indeed a big Amateur Gourmet fan (“I read your blog all the time!” he writes) and thusly he becomes the very first Amateur Gourmet celebrity fan. How appropriate that his stage name is Herb! After the jump, a few choice Kiki & Herb clips for the weekend.

[Note: some of these clips may not be safe for work!]

An interesting interview out of character:

And, finally, a food-appropriate clip:

For more on Kiki & Herb, you must read Alex Ross’s fantastic New Yorker profile.

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