…craig’s birthday surprise…

it’s 9:40 am and craig is still sleeping. soon i will make him don a suit and board the D train with me for his birthday surprise. it’s such a surprising birthday surprise, that i’m surprised myself it’s happening. four days ago, on a whim, i called the most difficult-to-book restaurant in new york, per se, to ask if they had a lunch reservation for saturday. i never thought they’d say yes–i wasn’t really financially prepared for them to say yes. but the woman on the phone said, “we do have an opening at 12 o’clock” so i snagged it. which is where we’re headed in little more than two hours. will craig shriek with glee? will i have to file for bankruptcy? the answer to these questions, and more, on Monday.

[UPDATE: Craig is awake and about to shave. T-minus one hour, fifteen minutes!]


  1. Happy birthday, Craig!

    And AG, you are amazing… thoughtful and generous… if only there were more people like you out there!

  2. We need details! Carol at French Laundry at Home went to Per Se in the fall, and her description was amazing – can’t wait for yours!

  3. Hey, don’t mind you were not financially prepared for this surprise…10 years from now when you remember or tell that story, you will not remember that. What you’ll remember is that you were able to surprise Craig with such a wonderful detail!

    Enjoy and have a great time!

  4. can I just say, if it’s not too late-ask to do the non alcoholic wine pairing. It will delight your palate no end!