…craig’s birthday surprise…

it’s 9:40 am and craig is still sleeping. soon i will make him don a suit and board the D train with me for his birthday surprise. it’s such a surprising birthday surprise, that i’m surprised myself it’s happening. four days ago, on a whim, i called the most difficult-to-book restaurant in new york, per se, to ask if they had a lunch reservation for saturday. i never thought they’d say yes–i wasn’t really financially prepared for them to say yes. but the woman on the phone said, “we do have an opening at 12 o’clock” so i snagged it. which is where we’re headed in little more than two hours. will craig shriek with glee? will i have to file for bankruptcy? the answer to these questions, and more, on Monday.

[UPDATE: Craig is awake and about to shave. T-minus one hour, fifteen minutes!]

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