Edith Ann’s Sandwich

Who doesn’t remember this from childhood? And isn’t Lily Tomlin brilliant?


  1. Adam, I don’t know how often you get a chance to read the comments on your site, but maybe you’ll read this one. I enjoy the melange that is entertaining–its very much like the sandwich that Ms. Tomlin described in the clip. What’s more, the clip is apropos, since your contribution to the world is as topsy turvy and fantastic as video above. Keep up the good work!


  2. Oh how i love that one! I remember that particular Edith Ann from childhood. I love how she fiddles with her shoes as she tells the story! Priceless—I had to forward your post on to my mom and my sister–they’ll love it

  3. I’ve always loved that. In college, my friend and I developed this annoying habit of ending half of our statements with “and that’s the truth plllllllfffft”. It’s almost ten years later, and I still haven’t completely shaken it.