About That Query


I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my query the other day, asking if I had any readers who wanted to go to culinary school but couldn’t afford it. The responses were quite touching and compelling and made me eager to put my idea into action.

What’s my idea? It’s quite simple, really. As long time fans will remember, I used to run Gourmet Survivor competitions on my site. The first time was just a lark, but the second time was a fundraiser and we ended up raising several thousand dollars for Katrina victims.

Several thousand dollars isn’t enough to put anyone through cooking school, but here’s what I’m thinking: if I get a bunch of people involved–bloggers, industry folk and, ideally, someone from an actual culinary school–we might be able to host a competition that’d result in the very thing I hope to provide: the first ever food blog generated culinary school scholarship.

Anyone who wanted to could apply, all the applications would be posted online and then readers can vote on their favorites by donating $5 per vote on the Firstgiving site that was used for Menu for Hope. The top eight contenders would enter a Survivor-like competition (can anyone suggest a catchy name?) where each week they’d be challenged in a different culinary challenge that’d be judged by bloggers, food writers, chefs and anyone else who’d lend their expertise.

Readers would continue to vote by donating $5 per vote; the person with the least votes is eliminated at the end of each week and at the very end, all the money that’s raised goes to the winner towards a scholarship.

That’s the idea, the question remains: is this doable? I’d like to think it is. Instead of bugging blogger friends to help me out, though, I’ll let anyone interested in helping/hosting/organizing/planning to shoot me an email at a newly minted e-mail address: foodblogscholarship AT gmail DOT com.

After this post, I’ll be working behind the scenes to bring this about. In a few weeks you’ll either hear that it all came together or that it was just a pipe dream that fizzled. But I’m hoping we can make it happen… wouldn’t it be cool for food bloggers to put someone through culinary school? I think so! Stay tuned…

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