How To Bribe Your Friends With Cake To Get Them To Watch Your Cat

December 17, 2007 | By | COMMENTS

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You must believe me, this cake is truly a powerful cake. It’s the best Red Velvet I’ve had, and I’ve had quite a few. I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen (a new favorite site; beautiful, with great recipes) and I fully support Deb’s icing calculations. It seems like too little when you make it, but it’s just enough to ice the cake and the end result is an icing/cake ratio that’s perfectly balanced. So if you need to bribe some catsitters, or you just want to treat yourself to a Southern delicacy, do it Red Velvet style. You won’t regret it.

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  • Anonymous

    Ah, red cake! The cake I requested every birthday as a child. Growing up in Wisconsin, I had no idea of its southern origins. What memories, including the rotting leftover buttermilk. No one liked it on its own, and we’re talking the Midwest in the sixties, so not the height of culinary skill.

  • Alisha

    This is probably the third blog post I’ve read about red velvet cake in the past week — But it’s the first one that actually links a recipe. It’s my favorite type of cake, but I only get it on my birthday. So in a few months when my birthday rolls around, I’ll give this recipe a try. Thanks!

  • flip

    best ever? Them’s fighting words Adam Roberts. I dare you to take on jashiki’s smooth velvet–if u accept the challenge meet us behind the 7-11 after school.

  • flip

    best ever? Them’s fighting words Adam Roberts. I dare you to take on jashiki’s smooth velvet–if u accept the challenge meet us behind the 7-11 after school.

  • Lydia

    I will keep this recipe in mind next time I need to bribe someone to do the same thing. It looks amazing, I hope I need to do so soon (also because then I’d be going on a trip.) Thanks for the tip!

  • christianne

    I love love love red velvet cake. And I’m a huge fan of Smitten Kitchen – her blog is just gorgeous – so I’m sure the recipe is divine.

  • Wicked Good Dinner

    With that kind of endorsement, I have to try the recipe :-)

  • Kathryn

    I love Deb!! Her site is amazing, and her recipes are generally so easy. I’ll have to try this cake now.

  • Angeline

    I’ve always wanted to try red velvet cake, was it hard to make? I want to try it but at the same time the color kind of scares me. I’ve seen recipes that call for 1/4 Cup of Red Food coloring!

  • EN

    Deb’s site rocks! And red velvet cake? You think Deb’s can go up against my grandmas? or Magnolias?

    Hmmmm I believe it. Deb rules.

    P.S. Your cat hates you. Humiliation station!


  • Katelyn

    Welcome to Seattle! You’ve got lots of fans but probably not enough that we’ll stalk you in the coffee shop. (There are too many coffee shops for us to look in, anyway.)

  • zeep

    Lolita Rules!!!

  • Laura

    Since you’re going to seattle you should go to trophy cupcakes, it is amazing. I think Seattle Magazine voted it as best cupcakes in Seattle (overthrowing cupcake royale in Ballard, and after trying both I would have to agree trophy is the best). Plus, Trophy has a PBJ cupcake that is absolutely amazing. And no, I don’t work for them (although I would like to, the cupcakes are that amazing). Have I used the word amazing enough to convince you?

  • Lele

    Bring your raincoat – it’s (surprise!) raining and the weatherpeople are forecasting nothing but rain and wind for the rest of the week. Maybe even a few light snow flurries on Thursday. I am heading to Arizona – 70′s and no snow! Wahoo!!

    Thanks for entertaining us this year. It’s been a fun ride!

  • Aki

    The Wedge Co-Op has the best cupcakes in Minneapolis; even the vegan and gluten-free ones are incredible.

    This red velvet recipe is excellent, not only as directed, but because it is easily adaptable to different tastes. I like more chocolate, but have some friends that are anti-cocoa, and it’s great to be able to omit that ingredient with the same visual effect. White chocolate, the solid stuff melted and replacing 1/2 the oil, also works well while leaving the color bright.

  • Tim

    I went to the SmittenKitchen website and made the black-bottomed cupcakes that are on her site. They turned out great – everyone at work ate them all – and thought I used a mix or someething! Funnily enough, I rarely bake, so was really pleased they turned out.

    Thanks for linking to her site.

  • deb

    So glad the cake was a hit! And thanks for the kind words. I’m pondering a red velvet sandwich cookie next–think I can pull it off?