Neil The Intern Attends Opening Night at Crave on 42nd

As a nice corollary to the post below this, here’s a dispatch from Neil The Intern from the opening night of Dave Martin’s (Top Chef, Season One) Crave on 42nd.


I didn’t have cable in 2006 when the first season of Top Chef came out, so I never got to hear the infamous line (which, being a family blog, I won’t rehash here) Dave Martin uttered on the show. [EDITOR’S NOTE: “I’m not your bitch, bitch.”] But I’ve gone over the highlights in the past few days, so I feel like I understand the concept enough to visit his new upscale comfort food restaurant, Crave on 42nd.

So last night my girlfriend Anne and I trekked up to 42nd Street’s far-west end, between 11th and 12th Ave, for the restaurant’s opening-night party. When we got to the restaurant, there were about 60 people milling about inside, drinking wine, chatting, and admiring the colorful panels (painted by Chef Martin) lining the walls. But as the dishes began to come out, many of us sat in the booths lining the walls to better eat the selections. We were able to try many of the items on the menu, including Dave’s famous Black Truffle Mac n Cheese, which was really, really, good. Though when you mix fontina, brandy and truffles together, it’s hard to go wrong.


Dave’s Black Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Other dishes we were able to try: Fiery Meathouse Pizza – with spicy marinara and hot sausage, though it wasn’t too hot, it tasted good, Spinach and goat cheese pizza – always a good combination, especially with white truffle oil, and the dessert, a surprisingly good mango custard and a buttery shortbread cookie.


Mango custard and shortbread cookie

I didn’t get to talk to Chef Martin too much, he was moving too fast serving food and making sure everyone was doing okay, but from the little time I got to speak with him, he seemed to live up to his reputation as inherently likable among his fans, his clients, and celebrities alike. I am glad I was able to meet him, if only for a minute, and I’m equally glad I got to taste the mac n cheese.

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