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October 24, 2007 | By | COMMENTS

Today’s episode of AGTV is the third and final Craig-directed episode that we made a few months ago for Serious Eats (the other two were Eggs Benedict Arnold & Lobster Roll Your Own). I daresay this one’s the weirdest, but it features help from none other than Nancy Silverton, one of our nation’s greatest bakers. And, believe me, that linzertorte was damn good. Hope you’re inspired to make one too! The recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Baking book. [Note: this video was uploaded on Brightcove, so you may need Java to view it. If you think java is coffee, get your children to help you :)]

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  • Shelby

    I lived in Vienna for about six months in high school. I love Linzertorte. I have a whole book of recipes given to me by the amazing Austrian Grandmother of my host family. One of these days I’m going to break out that apfelstrudel recipe and go to town. You’ve inspired me.

  • Hillary

    That linzertorte does sound good! And yes…I do believe this is one of the weirder episode of AGTV! Heh.

  • zeep


  • lydia hamre

    Your ending was, “classic.” What a great recipe. Nothing better than a nice buttery hazelnut dough with raspberry jam, Mmmmmmm!

  • TamiM

    Oh, Adam, I just love you to pieces! You keep us entertained with every post. I love this one. Thanks so much! Now I need to go and make a Linzertorte.

  • Steph

    Your are wrong – the lobster video is the weirdest of them all! It had me laughing out loud, disturbing Dr. Dinnerman during game 1 of the World Series (Go Sox!)


    Anyway, one word about the roe: when it’s black like that it means its raw! The roe turns coral when cooked, hence its alias.

    I love you, AG!

  • Kathryn

    Haha, no doub about it being the weirdest episode so far. But the finished product looked delicious! And the flub with the food processor is why I keep coming back — I do stuff like that ALLL the time! =) Keep ‘em coming, Adam!

  • meginAB

    So funny – loved it! I sit here in my commercial kitchen waiting for the day to start and laugh by myself!

    All of it – the java comment, the slippers, the processor, you in your dress spinning, Sound of Music – So great!

  • lrfraser

    What I like best about the episode is that your kitchen is tiny like mine. I thought I was alone in the world of “no-counter space-to-even-crack-an-egg-on.” Congratulations on that wonderful torte.

  • Anonymous

    Adam, this episode was great! Sometimes I feel like AGTV doesn’t communicate your whimsy as well as it could, but this episode totally rocked my socks. I want to make linzertorte myself now. :)