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October 2, 2007 | By | COMMENTS

I am proud to announce a new ambitious venture here at The Amateur Gourmet: maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m naive, but I am making a pact–signed in blood–to produce for you, my loving audience, a weekly video to be released each Wednesday for what will become our very own Amateur Gourmet food channel–AGTV. Our first video finds us at Joe: The Art of Coffee where master barista Amanda teaches me how to make latte art. Thanks to Amanda, the people at Joe, Kirk for lending me his camera, Adam Kuban for holding the camera, Ricky for producing and Lisa for singing my theme song, Craig for teaching me Final Cut and Lucy, child of Josh and Katy, for being the official Amateur Gourmet Baby. Hope you enjoy!

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  • zeep

    I want my AGTV! And now, it would appear, we have it… Excellent idea Adam- you’re bout with latte art cracked me up – seriously, I was laughing out loud at times, good stuff. This totally reminded me of Bob Blumer’s “Barista Championship” episode:

    Check it out if you haven’t already. He’s a hoot.

    Love the theme song song too, top-notch work as always. Get ‘em Lisa! Can’t wait to check out the next episode.

  • Kathryn

    Adam, you are just too adorable. I can’t wait until I come home in a couple of weeks; I’m definitely going to have to make a special trip to Brooklyn to visit this place (and hope for an AG sighting! =D). You know I’ll be carrying my book, heh.

  • Monkee

    That is sooo Kool!!! I’m going to try that at home. Oh and would you please sign my book too? Please please. I bought extras for my friends too :P

  • Laura

    As I was watching your lil movie and the bike break technique was being described I started bike breaking/pouring with you… it was like when people yell at a football team on tv thinking that they can hear them. Not that I know how to make a latte… but I was trying to learn too.

    I can’t wait till next wedensday.

  • Tammy

    Cute spokesbaby! And you weren’t half-bad yourself. Practice makes perfect.

  • debby

    adam, loved watching your video…GREAT music!! its so much fun to actually see you .cant wait until the next one.

  • Moose

    I have been fascinated by coffee art ever since I got this AMAZING latte with a beautiful leaf. Great Job, adam!!

    Will they teach random strangers how to make it as well??????

  • Hillary

    Yay for weekly features! I always wondered how baristas made lattes look so pretty! Thanks for the insight, and work on your bike break! Haha.

  • Val

    Great try Adam!!! You won’t get far with home appliances though!! As she said you need the equipment but most enjoyable and love the mascot! Look forward to the next AGTV!!!!

  • Mari

    That was a fine piece of entertainment, you are so hilarious! Loved it, can’t wait for more!

  • Melissa

    AGTV, I love it! Videos seem like a natural component for your site, especially as you’ve done some great short ones already.

  • Anne

    Way to make me really miss my job adam. Welcome to the madness that is Joe! Now I know I can use you in a pinch ;).

    - Anne

  • Kelly Mahoney

    Wow, as if you weren’t a big deal already, this is a whole new level of stardom!

  • JEP

    Good job! Like the idea of this weekly feature :)

  • Meister

    Not bad! So proud of you. Our little iced latte drinker is all grown up!

  • Annmarie

    You need to fix your white balance :) Joe at Waverly is not nearly that dark inside! But otherwise I am duly informed and entetertined on how to make a rosetta in my next cup of coffee…

  • Rebekah

    adorable! both lucy AND adam! fun to watch, i’ll have to see if any barista friends will let me practice at their coffee joints…