My Top Chef Prediction

It is 9:56 PM and, like all of you, I’m about to watch Top Chef. Here is my prediction for what will happen: the final two will be Casey and Hung. Casey will win the whole competition. Let’s see if tonight’s results support my theory…

UPDATE: Click ahead to see my reaction to the episode (don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.)

Holy Dale!

I definitely didn’t see that coming. And good for him. I found his story touching, though what restaurant did he work for that was one of the Top 20 restaurants in the country? Do we know this? I could look it up on his bio but I’m lazy. Anyone? And is it really one of the Top 20 restaurants in the country? Eric Ripert seemed to frost over a bit when he heard that.

So my basic theory still stands: Hung and Casey will be in the final three with a surprise twist of Dale. Can Dale go all the way? I’m not so sure. He’s vulnerable to brain blips, as evidenced by forgetting the 18th dish on the airplane challenge and forgetting his sauce at the French Culinary Institute. Hung, though, has a bit to worry about after tonight: it seems the judges have pulled back the curtain on him to reveal a technical master with no soul. Hung, I got the impression, is aware of his reputation and is doing everything in his power to cure it. His story–escaping from Vietnam, sleeping in the kitchen–is authentic, I’m sure, but it still comes across as a desperate final attempt to prove that he has heart. Will he prove he has heart in his food next week?

Casey, methinks, is still primed to win. She’s won challenge after challenge, she won the Quickfire tonight, and her presence would finally bring some Estrogen into the Top Chef pantheon. And wouldn’t it be great to have a woman win Top Chef? At the very least, the winner won’t, as in seasons past, be a white, heterosexual male. Finally the gays, the Asians and the ladies have a chance to take it all. Who will it be? What are your thoughts, AG readers? Who’ll win Top Chef next week?

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