The Cartoon Me

I love this drawing from today’s NY Metro in a story about the book. Click to enlarge:



  1. I’m picking up your book tomorrow from Barnes & Noble & plan to read it while off work the next 4 days!

  2. The book has arrived AG… What a trip it is to read your words in hard copy versus on a glowing screen – very cool. Cheers!

  3. I’ve never seen your cheeks so rosey, Adam! You should lay off the rouge for the next newspaper interview.

    And Lolita is MUCH prettier than that. Fun article– and you got to say that someone was “salt of the earth”. Well done!

  4. I guess this is related to the book. I was shopping for it on-line from Chapters (a major Canadian bookstore) and the book they recommend based on looking at “The Amateur Gourmet” book is an odd one. It’s “Structural Adhesive Joints in Engineering” by Robert D. Adams. Pretty irrelevant aside from the inverted name.