Smell: A Video Podcast

August 21, 2007 | By | COMMENTS

Buyer beware: this video podcast is mostly useless, not very informative, and–at the end–quite offensive (and R-rated). But it’s pretty entertaining and it features my friend Alex who just moved to New York. Hope you enjoy!

[Note: feel free to answer the question I ask Alex in the comments. What three food smells would you bottle before going to prison?]

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  • Anonymous

    What a sweet, funny Goddess friend you have! Very

    Saucy, which is the sort of friends we imagine an

    Amateur Gourmet to have. Saucy and spicy ^_^ !

    And sheesh! She took your good-natured ? slander like an aristocrat, really. Fun post, as usual.

  • Gwen

    Hilarious! I love Alex. More videos with her please! As for my smells: bacon cooking, tea, apple pie baking.

  • Amity

    Ooh, I don’t think I could have any bottled food smells in prison. That would only make me want for home even more. What’s the point of smelling it if it’s not available to taste??

  • Jaded

    My three smells:

    1) My pillow (It smells like clean, shampoo and me) – A lot of people think I’m weird for never wanting anyone to sleep or sit on my pillow. I think it would ruin the smell and yeah I’m weird like that.

    2) Basil – I love the smell of fresh basil. Pure, clean and simple.

    3) My hubby – Freshly showered with his aftershave on. Smells so good!

    Side Note: I thought I’d have more food related smells in my list, but those are the top three that came to my mind first.

  • Jeanne

    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Freshly brewed coffee-before I have my first sip of the day

    Yes to BASIL -

    and non- food

    new mown hay on a quiet summer night driving through country with the windows down- ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Krizia

    I’d bottle the odours of 3 foods that smell better to than they taste :P

    Popcorn, coffee, and a very, very, very ripe peach :D

  • k


  • Alex


    If you will review the video again, Adam and I deal with that very question.