New Site Issues

It’s been just a few days, and I’m still in love with the new design. A few technical problems, though, are being addressed at present:

– Some have commented that The Daily Specials don’t work in RSS (you can’t click the title that takes you to whatever it is that was linked). Ben should be working on that soon, but in the meantime if a Daily Special shows up in your feed reader just come to the site and click the link on the upper left.

– Others have commented that the search feature doesn’t work, that all the links are dead. As far as I understand (and maybe Ben can explain it better), that’s because Google has yet to process the new site so it’s trying to direct all your search results to the old site which is no longer there. Hopefully this will regulate in a few days.

That’s about it, as far as I know. If you notice any other bugs, please report them here.

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  1. Thanks a lot for your kind response to my question. I understand why the search feature doesn’t work. I’m waiting for it to get normal.

    From Tokyo with sushi and tempura

  2. Link from Chez Pim to here doesn’t redirect to the new site correctly. You might want to ask her to update her link. Currently, if I click Amateur Gourmet link from her site, it takes me to a Page Not Found Page.

  3. Hi Adam,

    I spent a half hour yesterday going through all of the links to individual Amateur Gourmet entries on my site and re-doing them. (I had about 15 of them.) Took some time to figure out the new URLs as the search function wasn’t working, as noted. Since you changed your link structure, all of the old links led to 404 error pages. You might ask your web guy to check to see if you can set up a redirect in Typepad so that the old URLs just forward to the new ones. Have no idea if that feature is available.

  4. Hi,

    You may have already noticed this, but the thing at the top that allows you to toggle back and forth to the previous,next or main entry is showing entries that aren’t on the main page. Something about the Beastie Boys, Death by Marshmellow, etc.



  5. Ok, I get it now. Those are daily specials. They show up like an entry but you have to click on them in the daily specials section. There is nothing to click on in the actual entry.

    Possibly this is intentional.

  6. The search box in the yellow banner wraps in a weird way (and disappears behind the main banner) when viewed at 800×600 (I know, who does that anymore?!) Still, I think there’s enough width up there to prevent the wrap, you just need to adjust the spacing.

  7. Love the new look, but for me some things are not working and I haven’t seen them mentioned here yet :

    ~~~ when you click on the previous and next post [ to the left and right of ” main ” at top of post ] all you get is a new page with the title but not anything else

    ~~~ it seems like the date on the comments and the listing of the cvurrent post entries are all messed up; a I see dates for 2007 ???

    ~~~ the box with the Serious Eats stuff still over-rides the left side of the main entry [ this has happened before for me, but I thought I would mention it where everything has been revamped I thought I would see if it happens to anyone else!

    Anxious to see if anyone else has encountered these issues ~~~