Planning Ahead

Even though it was beautiful today, I spent the early part of the afternoon making the “batter” for David Lebovitz’s Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream. I made the caramel for the praline; then I made the actual ice cream “batter” with more caramel (I achieved a nice deep dark color), salted butter, and cream. It took about an hour and then into the fridge it went to chill for eight hours: when we got home later, I would churn the ice cream after watching “North By Northwest.” This is what we call planning ahead.

We just watched “North By Northwest.” I’m all ready to churn the ice cream and so I remove the ice cream maker base from the cabinet, plug it in and then reach into the freezer for the frozen canister where you pour the ice cream.

Only the canister’s not there.

Where is the canister?

The canister is in the freezer, just not this freezer. It’s in the freezer of my old apartment in Chelsea, the one I moved from eight months ago. So much for planning ahead!

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