My Interview with Jasper White

May 29, 2007 | By | COMMENTS


Check out my interview with Jasper White by clicking his picture above!

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  • Marvin

    Great interview Adam. I especially liked your question about how to pick out a lobster from a tank and Jasper’s answer. That was a good tidbit about looking at the lobster’s antennas.

  • megnut

    Awesome, I was just reading that interview and I noticed the byline. I was like, “Can it be the same Adam? Is he now a big-time reviewer for Salon?” So I popped in to check, and yes indeed it’s true. Congrats!

  • Crystal

    WOW…he looks like he’s lost quite a bit of weight. We live near the Alewife Summer Shack and he’s in there a lot of the time. Haven’t seen him lately though–he used to be a lot more rotund…all that butter with the lobsters, I imagine!

    Cool on the interview!