Funny Cakes

Sometimes people send me funny things. Like Craig’s sister, Kristen. She sent me a picture of this cake she and her friends made for Easter featuring Jesus.


Kristen writes: “Here is Jesus standing next to his tomb. It looks like one of his arms is buried in the rock, but it’s not…he only has one arm! He’s a one-armed Jesus. He was the last Jesus left in the store and Amy got a discount on him. That small blob of cake next to the big blob is supposed to be the boulder which Jesus rolled back in order to escape his tomb.”

A few months earlier, Leah of Pink Leahtard sent me a link to her iPod cake which isn’t so much funny as impressive:


Have you made a funny cake recently? Post it to Flickr and link to it in the comments. Just not the kitty litter one, thank you.

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