Bar Pitti Is A Good Place To Eat Outside


As the weather grows nicer and nicer, you may find yourself saying, “Hey! I want to eat outside!” And yet when it comes to decent places to eat outside in New York, the question gets tricky: where to go? The Meatpacking district? Too trendy. The Cornelia Street Cafe? Too bland.

Two answers sit side by side on 6th Ave. right near Houston. The first is Da Silvano which, like the Meatpacking district, is trendy and expensive. And when you realize that right next door you can get an equally good meal for half the price, you’ll wonder how Da Silvano ever stays in business when there’s Bar Pitti.

I first went to Bar Pitti when Craig had a reading of his screenplay (a screenplay, incidentally, that he’s making into a feature this summer!) and he was really nervous. Bar Pitti’s one of his favorite places so we went there and each had this big bowl of comfort, which we had again more recently:


That’s rigatoni with sausage and a light tomato sauce (the exact description isn’t available online) and it’s terrific. And not terribly expensive. And you can eat it outside.

So as we creep into summer, and the weather’s not too scalding yet, why not dine al fresco at Bar Pitti? Then go see a movie at Film Forum and have chocolate at Jacques Torres. What a heavenly day! You can thank me later.

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