What To Eat in San Francisco (A Wrap-Up)

Here’s a review of my favorite bites from my trip to San Francisco. Thanks Bay Area Bloggers for making me feel so welcome: after I join a gym and burn off the 40 million calories I ingested this trip, I’ll book another flight and do it all again. And now, my favorite San Francisco bites!

Oysters (& Champagne) at The Ferry Building:


The quail at Ad Hoc:


The Burrito at Taqueria Pancho Villa:


The strawberry trifle at Zuni (all the way on the right):


The frangipane tart at Tartine:


The bruschetta at A16:


The cellophane noodles with fresh Dungeness crab meat at The Slanted Door:


The entire experience at Chez Panisse:


(I know that sounds like a cop-out, but I mean it. No individual dish stood out: the whole experience melded together into a sublime whole. Plus I’m really proud of that post, and want more people to read it!)

The spicy cauliflower at Pizza Delfina:


The green garlic flan at C├ęsar:


The tea leaf salad at Burma Superstar:


And, finally, the Arpege farm egg at Manresa:


Whew! What a list. Hope visitors to San Francisco put it to good use. And two final tips: Never call San Francisco “Frisco” or “San Fran”; you will be shunned. And if you rent a car (a tricky issue: great to have for Napa and Los Gatos, bad to have if you’re just staying in the city), there’s good parking near the hospital on 14th in the Castro. Just make sure to move it before the street cleaners come on the corresponding day. I just paid my $40 ticket, a final souvenir from a terrific trip.

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