Salt (A Video Podcast)

April 29, 2007 | By | COMMENTS

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  • flutter

    Isn’t it coincidental that towards the end I felt like I was on a boat in the sea because of the camera work? ;)

    I can’t stand table salt and I even go so far as to food process kosher salt into little pieces for baking because table salt is so gross. Poor Craig, he was so less than amused by the whole process…

  • Deanna

    I can’t beleive I watched that whole thing! Your videos always make me reminisce for the time when I lived with roommates… doing dumb stuff like that while hanging around is what makes roommate-living fun.

    Beside all my newfound salt knowledge, the main thing I would like to get out of having watched this video is finding out where Diana got her white jacket. It’s cute!

  • Clarene

    Haha the part I enjoyed most was when the cat became part of your little salt experiment as well. I almost expected some kind of protest.

  • Tony

    Craig’s such a good sport.

  • Janelle

    Have you ever been to the wonderful little restaurant in Chelsea called Salt? Each table is adorned with all kinds of different varieties to add to your meal. It’s really a wonderful little place, I’d be curious to hear what you would think of it.

  • Julia

    Another great podcast, I’m really enjoying these! The best part for me were the faces you all pulled when trying the salt, particularly the table salt!

  • Christina

    Salt is harvested more than one way, and has different nutritional values depending where and how it was gathered, as well as the taste/texture. I read that gray sea salt has over eighty minerals and is really good for us. I liked the video, it reminded me of a similar Martha Stewart experiment. Very interesting subject.

  • Sijbrich

    Thanks for the experiment. I learned about salt today! Next time, have Craig help you when he isn’t so moody;-)

  • Louise

    You might try “Le Saunier de Camargue” Fleur de Sel. A great tasting is to roast tomatoes or asparagus on a cookie sheet in a little olive oil and sea salt and pepper 400 degrees for about 15 minutes, and during last minute add a little grated parmesan cheese. This way you can really taste the difference between regular salt and sea salt and you will never go back!!!

  • Sandy

    “I-OH-DIZED salt?” Sorry, but did you get lost on the way to try-outs for the Six Flags stage revival of “Hee-Haw?” Try “i-ah-dized” – the way the rest of the country says it.

  • matt

    Great video! I can’t tell you how important salt is (all-the-while knowing that you already know!).

    I actually learned about salt from watching Michael Chiarello on the Food Channel. He only uses “Sel Gris” or Gray (or Grey) Salt which comes from some part of France. It’s got this rich minerally (that a word?) flavor that adds richness to anything you cook. So that’s all I use too and it’s simply an awesome salt, seriously.

    I too bought it from Whole Foods for like $15 for a 6oz bottle. Yeah, that’s spendy. But get this, I’m not sure if you have a TJ Max out there, but I bought the same salt, same name, extracted from the same location in France (Britanny or something like that) for $5 for about 8 ounces, and yes, I bought all the bottles they had for sale!

    Thanks for this video!


  • jancd

    This was hilarious. I, too, was amazed that I sat through the whole thing watching your antics. I even learned something because I have a habit of grabbing the old timey salt instead of sea salt or kosher. So even though it was not the most exciting video I have ever seen, it was educational. Thanks.

  • Christine

    I’ve heard of such an experiment, only they recommended that you dissolve the salt (measure by weight not by teaspoon – since the gram measure won’t equal up to the size measurement) in water. Et voila! no issues with picking which salt is which based on texture.

  • Kirsten

    Oh the dangers of high reader ciculation…

    I think some people are just a *wee* bit too serious in their comments? :)

    This was a HILARIOUS video, and endeared you all the more as a “real” person.

    Loved it, loved it.


  • Jaded

    I totally think you can tell the difference between table and sea salt. Sea salt definitely tastes better than table salt. I discovered this while making some meat pies. The table salt was just blah. I sprinkled some sea salt on top of the pies for garnish, but when I ate the pie, you could clearly distinguish a nice clean, salty flavor which you wouldn’t normally get from table.

    I liked this video just like your olive oil experiment one. Keep them coming! :)

  • Tea

    There was an interesting salt comparison article in Slate a while back, they tested their salts cooked in food or on fries (perhaps Craig would have been more amenable to that). Click on my name below for the link.

    Have you ever tried Maldon salt? It’s a sea salt but big flakes. I’m hooked on it.

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