Pita Party

There’s nothing like hot pita. Part of my multi-cultural awakening here in New York has been a growing awareness of pita. I like dipping it into hummus at Hummus Place, eating it with falafel at Chickpea, and–most of all–using it to scoop up the multiple Greek dips you can get at New York’s many Greek restaurants. At Snack Taverna, the trio is called Pikilia and it comes with melitzanosalata (roasted eggplant, parsley, and garlic), taramosalata (carp roe and lemon), and tzatziki (sheep’s milk yogurt, cucumber and garlic.) The best part is the hot pita and the other night I decided to recreate the experience at home:


This won’t be a very long post because the pita recipe I found online wasn’t that great. It called for whole wheat flour and the pitas came out tasting too…healthy. I think the pitas at Snack Taverna are made from white flour only so they’re lighter and springier. These tasted like hippies.

The rest was really simple. I made a Greek salad:


I used the techniques I learned in Greece that you can read about here.

And then for the dips, I mostly cheated. I made hummus from scratch (used the Barefoot Contessa recipe and it came out thicker than I would have liked) and bought the tzatziki and taramosalata from Union Market. I figured making the pitas from scratch would be enough work–although, it turned out, it really wasn’t that much work. You should try it.


And so, in conclusion, we have learned in this post that when we crave restaurant food we very often can make it for ourselves at home. So if you don’t live in New York and you wish you could go on a Greek odyssey, don’t have a pity party. Have a pita party! It’s simple and well worth it.

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