Me in Time Out New York

A few weeks ago I was a judge for Time Out New York’s Iron Sommelier Competition. What a fun afternoon of free food and free booze. You can read the article (and see the picture) here. Thanks Time Out New York for trusting me to judge. Hope I did the competition justice.


  1. Nice gig! Hey, that’s cool that you got to hang out with Garrett Oliver, he seems like a righteous dude. He was in Boston awhile back for a beer dinner at Redbones – good times.

  2. Exactly what was your shrimp faux pas? I’m a gossip when it comes to food bloggers, so I really want to know!!!

  3. Oh, do tell your shrimp faux pas! I just gotta know! How bad can it be? Can be as bad as breaded shrimp from a school cafateria line sitting covered so now they are not only bad, but soggy bad? Also, wow, cool for you on the beer, wine, sake evaluation!