Escape To Florida

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  1. i went to south beach for new years and am so excited to see that the famous amateur gourmet went to 3 of the places i went to and LOVED: news cafe (ate there 2x), drinks @ the delano and joes! i feel like i make good restaurant decisions seeing as i chose all 3 of them! you are by far the best food blog and i often make recommendations to my friends on restaurants i have never been to and you have! also, come to LA and ill take you to mario batalis delicioussssss pizzeria mozza!

  2. I love when you do the comic book thing – it reminds me of the Photonovels I used to get as a kid in the 70s (my favorite was for Grease).

    You all look so happy – and like a lot of fun. And…I want calamari for lunch now!

  3. Hue saturation for the win!! Seriously though, great post AG, loved the pics – kudos. I now have an intense craving for some delicious stone crab claws….

  4. Oy! You are such a tourist! No one in their right mind eats at Bice. The food is ridiculously overpriced, mediocre, and the service is snotty. The News? That’s so 20 years ago. When I lived on South Beach in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the News was new and quite the in spot. Now, it’s just a tourist trap.

    Joe’s is an institution and rightfully so. The service may be brusque, but the food is impeccable. You DON’T order calamari at Joe’s, you order stone crabs and locally caught fish. You order the creamed garlic spinach — to die for — and any of the potatoes (carb heaven). The iceburg lettuce salad is so anachronistic it’s hip again. Finally, Joe’s key lime pie is the lodestar by which all others are judged. If it’s pale yellow, sweet and tart, and has only a dollop of whipped cream, it’s key lime pie done right. If you loved that pie, check out Randy’s . It is every bit as good as Joe’s and a lot cheaper to order.