The Restoration

You may have noticed my archives are mostly photo-less. That’s because I accidentally deleted all of my pictures a few months ago when cleaning out my .mac folder. All of the pictures hosted on .mac were instantly gone which is basically every picture I took before May 28, 2005 (when I started using Flickr). So now I’m beginning The Restoration: I’m tracking down each picture on disc (I backed everything up), I’m uploading them to Flickr, and then re-embedding them into the old posts. What that means is that when I’m done all of my archives will be fully restored with pictures. In the meantime, because it’s mentioned in the NYT story, I’ve restored my Janet Jackson breast cupcake post. Now you can see what all the fuss was about–especially appropriate today on Super Bowl Sunday. While you’re watching the game, I’ll be working away. Hope I finish before the next Superbowl. Best, Adam.


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