A Chinatown Birthday Bash

February 19, 2007 | By | COMMENTS

&uotIMG_1.JPGJames Felder.

Craig, Ricky and Lisa study their menus:


Lisa and Owen eat soup:


Scallion pancakes:


Soup dumplings:


Diana eats a soup dumpling:


Sauteed eggplant:


General Tso’s Chicken (I know, how American: but it was actually one of the best dishes of the night!):


Whole fish in brown sauce:


Chicken and cashews:


Scallops and asparagus:


Whole braised pork shoulder (highly recommended!):


Jimmy and Jim pay their portion of dinner (it was $18 a person for ALL THAT FOOD):


Lauren and Patty have ice cream at the Chinatown Ice Cream factory:


I had black sesame:


Hey look, Anil Dash!


And Alaina!


Thanks to everyone who came–and special thanks to Anil and Alaina for helping us with the menu. And James for taking the pictures. It was a great birthday.

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  • http://makingfoodeatingfood.blogspot.com/ iamchanelle

    happy birthday, AG!!! wishing you many more happy eats!


  • E

    Happy birthday! I hope this year brings only more wonderful thing for you.

  • http://www.amateurgourmet.com/the_amateur_gourmet/2005/05/that_cake_is_bl.html zeep

    General Tso’s rules… I don’t care how “Americanized” it is or whatnot – that stuff is just plain awesome when it’s prepared well.

    Happy Birthday AG, here’s to many more…


  • http://myspace.com/onlinerestaurantmarketing Duane

    Nice pics!

  • http://www.anildash.com/ Anil Dash

    Happy birthday! Glad we got a chance to hang out.

  • Erin

    Happy Birthday Adam!!

    The birthday dinner food looked awesome. I hope your “wish” comes true.

    Thank you for such an entertaining blog. I’m so glad that I stumbled apon your jewel of a page! :o)

  • http://ahartfie.livejournal.com AdamH

    Happy birthday, Adam! Looks like a good time was had by all. Way to go! Best wishes for the upcoming year.

  • http://www.whatgeekseat.com vanessa

    HB to you Adam. What a lucky, lucky man getting to feast at New Green Bo…the soup dumplings are the absolute best, most sublime dumpling ever. Thanks for the photos as the last time I was there I didn’t get any pictures because we were too busy eating.

    My Holy Grail is to replicate them here in Wisconsin.

  • http://www.whatgeekseat.com Vanessa

    OMG…you also had the CTICF Black Sesame ice cream…okay that does it, now I’m really jealous.

  • Jessica

    hooray! happy birthday to you! on a very cold night.

  • http://wanderingeater.blogspot.com Tina

    Happy Birthday, Adam! I love the photos.

  • http://not-a-foodblog.blogspot.com Vincci

    Happy Birthday AG! How appropriate that you celebrated your birthday in Chinatown on the eve of Chinese New Year too. I love the photos almost as much as I love soup dumplings and black sesame ice cream ;)

  • Kathleen

    Happy Birthday! Prosperity and abundance to you.

  • http://www.bringingdownthecool.blogspot.com Rebecca

    Nice lens baby on that camera.

    Happy birthday!

  • Jenni Loves Adam

    Dinner per person: $18.

    Capturing lingering pork shoulder right in front of Lisa’s face: priceless.

    Happy Birthday, Dear!

  • http://www.tiltbob.com Jason Sholar

    As Rebecca pointed out… I love the affect of that lens. Can you find out what it is? I total adore the “Scallops and asparagus” shot. Oh ya, and I wish you the best of years ahead.

  • http://www.midtownlunch.com Zach@MidtownLunch

    Birthday in Chinatown… now that’s my kind of party! Happy B’day!

  • http://www.SnapshotArtifact.org James Felder

    Hey Jason,

    The lens I shot that with is a wonderful little (and relatively inexpensive lens) called a lensbaby (http://www.lensbabies.com/). I’m using a wide-angle adaptor for it that further distorts the image a bit. If you use a digital or film SLR, you’ll have a lot of fun playing with one! Glad you liked the photo!

  • WendyB

    Happy Birthday Adam! Looks like a great dinner and I love the thought of black seasame ice cream – I need to hunt that one down!

  • christina

    That’s a really excellent picture of Diana eating the dumpling.