My Impression of Top Chef


For this Bravo TV Quick Fire Challenge you’ll use your Kenmore stoves in your Kenmore kitchens to turn this Kraft mayo into a tasty snack for Queer Eye’s Ted Allen whose new book, “The Food You Want To Eat,” is available at Borders Book Store in the Time Warner Center in Mike Bloomberg’s New York City. The losers will take a RAV4 to Chucky Cheese’s where Chef Anthony Bourdain awaits with Oscar Meyer Bologna which you must transform, using Kitchenaid mixers, Calphalon knives and Victoria’s Secret lingerie, into NASA approved astronaut ice cream. Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s will judge on Alvar Aalto chairs available at the MOMA store, also in Bloomberg’s New York City, where the winner will be flown by Delta to enjoy an Olive Garden dinner beneath the Panasonic sign. Who will be this week’s TOP CHEF (TM)?

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