Pot Party

This is the last party in our tour of five parties and you may think that after visiting so many parties, we want to kick back and do illegal drugs–but that’s not what this party’s about! This party is about a different type of pot: pot d’creme. Over the past two weeks I’ve made two different recipes for pot d’creme. The first was a chocolate pot d’creme from a cookbook that I’m blanking on now. But look how sexy it came out:


It’s such a basic recipe that you can find a recipe like it anywhere. Butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate whisked together and then placed in ramekins or, in my case, coffee mugs. Placed in a water bath and baked at a low temperature they should set after 35 minutes. These, however, didn’t set until the next day after spending 24 hours in the fridge. But when they were set, they were absolutely divine. “Divine!” said everyone who tried them. But they weren’t as divine as the pots d’creme I made a few days later…


These are vanilla bean pots d’creme that I made for Craig’s mom and sister when they visited last week, after cooking them dinner. I wanted a truly impressive dessert and this was it. It comes from the cookbook I gushed over in my food gift wrap-up post: “Sunday Suppers at Lucques.” Not only do you make a luscious pot d’creme with two vanilla beans, you also make little chocolate cookies to eat the pots d’creme with:


The cookies act as scoops and the entire thing is a real treat. Don’t believe me? Look at Craig, his sister and mother scooping away in ecstasy:


Now that’s the perfect way to end a night of partying! Hope you all enjoyed Party Day and that you’re not too hung over from all the intoxicating content. Don’t forget to sign the guest book on the way out!

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