Menu For Hope III

Many of you may already be aware that Pim’s massive food blog fundraiser “Menu For Hope III” is on its way around the bend once more. Last year she raised $17,000 for UNICEF; this year she’s raising money for the UN’s World Food Programme. Many of your favorite food blogs are participating, offering food prizes to raffle and help raise money. If you have a food blog and would like to raffle something off, it’s not too late. E-mail your intended prize (with pictures and descriptions) to the appropriate blog host by this Saturday the 9th. The appropriate blog hosts are:

US East Coast: Me! I’m the host with the most, baby.

US West Coast: Sam of Becks & Posh

US (the rest): Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen

Canada:Jasmine of Cardamom Addict

Europe (and the UK): David of

Latin America: Melissa of the Cooking Diva

Asia Pacific: Helen of Grab Your Fork

Everyone else, stay tuned and look forward to some awesome prizes. Thanks to Pim in advance for bringing this all together, yet again.

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