A Big Secret Project Revealed: Presenting, Serious Eats


Where’s Oliver Stone when you need him? It’s time to unpack a conspiracy. Famed food writer Ed Levine has conspired to create one of the most promising food sites on the web. He’s got Jeffrey Steingarten. He’s got Daniel Boulud. He’s got Susie Essman from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” And Jane and Michael Stern. And Meg. And Adam. And, would you believe it, he’s got me.

That’s right, I am proud to call myself a proud participant of Serious Eats, Ed’s “dream” food website which will launch Monday. I’m going to be a regular contributor with exclusive columns, stories and posts that you’ll only be able to read there (don’t worry, I’ll still be charming you here too.)

Now’s your chance to get a sneak peek. To check it out, go to:


And enter

Username: serious

Password: eater

Please sign up and register over the weekend and on Monday when it launches for real, you’ll already be a member of what promises to be one of the coolest, most exciting food sites on the web.

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