Three Cheers For The Bread Bakers

I am thrilled to report that FIVE people–yes FIVE–took up my challenge to bake bread this weekend and sent in pictures of their mega-successful loaves. Inspired by my “Make Bread” post, the first bread photo rolled in from Benjamin (of Tales of the Racoon Fink) who says he used to have a bread machine but got rid of it and that doing it from scratch was “not that much harder” and “definitely much more satisfying.”


Next up is Caree from Gulfport, MS. Here she is with her bread–its beauty is making her blind:


And Then Along Comes Mary “Breadchick” of The Sour Dough blog. She wrote up her experience there and titled her post “The Biggest Boule I Ever Made.” Mary chose to let the bread speak for itself in the photo, and so here’s the bread sans baker:


Meet Jennifer of Valley Victuals who says hers didn’t come out as well as mine. “At the very last step before baking, when you are supposed to ever so gently shape it back into a ball, I heard it make this horrible hissing sound. It was just like somebody letting the air out of a tire. It definitely got puffier again as it baked, but it didn’t have that beautiful ball shape, and the inside was pretty dense, but still tasty.” Ah well. Here’s the photo!


Finally there’s Lynn of One Hundred Things–a site that sets forth 100 things she must do before she’ll fall in love again. Baking bread was #5 on the list so I’ve helped her along on her path to romance and fulfillment. Here she is with her loaf:


So congratulations to all the weekend bread bakers, and to anyone else who still wants to bake bread my offer still stands: you too can be a bread baking star!

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