Food Story Game 1: The Muffin Man

And now for an experiment. You ever play that game where someone writes a sentence and someone adds to it and you pass it around until you have a group-written story? That’s what we will attempt here. Except the story will relate to food because this is, after all, a food blog.

So this is how we’ll play. I will write the first sentence and number it (1). Whoever comes along next will write the next sentence and number it (2). If two people respond at the same time and both number their sentence (2) (or 3 or so on) the next person can choose which sentence to take and build off that one. For example:

(1) Mary had a little lamb.

(2) She loved her lamb very much.

(2) The lamb was made of iron.

The next commenter can choose which to build from.

(3) Iron, however, made Mary’s skin itch.

If someone writes something obscene or attempts to derail the story, the next commenter can number their sentence with the same number to offer an alternative. For example:

(1) Mary had a little lamb.

(2) The lamb had a big vagina.

The next commenter, instead of writing (3) can writes (2) and offer an alternative.

The game ends when I, The Amateur Gourmet, write the last sentence and end the story. I do urge all participants to keep it related to food.

And now for the story. This story is called The Muffin Man. Here is the first sentence:

(1) David Daniels ate a muffin every day of his life.

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