Food In Threes

Because I now have a roommate (Diana) and because I also have a sig. oth. (Craig) it ends up that when I cook these day I’m cooking for three. So, as you can see, the other day when I made bread from scratch (that’s the next post!) I served it for three with arugula salad, sliced apple and fancy cheese presented to me by a kind reader (more on that later too):


And when Craig and I had our movie exchange program where we showed each other movies we thought the other would like (only to have it blow up in our faces: he showed me “Safe” (with Julianne Moore) and I showed him “Marat/Sade”–could we get more pretentious? (Don’t worry, the next day he showed me “True Romance” (I’d never seen it) and I showed him (gulp, don’t laugh) Bette Midler in “Gypsy” (WHAT! IT’S GOOD!))) and Diana was there too so I made hot cider with whipped cream the first day:


(I mulled the cider with cloves and a cinnamon stick and whipped the cream with fresh ground nutmeg and no sugar, which worked nicely because the cider was so sweet.)

The second day I made Martha Stewart’s brownies and Craig insisted on vanilla ice cream so I made him go get it. And I’m glad he did, it made our evening more decadent:


And so that’s a small taste of our threeway lifestyle. We’re like those movies that came out in the 90s like “Threesome” and “Three of Hearts”—hey, that’s another perfect movie night! Now whatever will I serve?

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