Chutzpah, Truffles & Alain Ducasse

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It occurs to me at the end of this post that I didn’t, in fact, tell you what a white truffle tastes like. How to describe it? It’s really the smell that gets you–the smell is pungent and earthy and unlike anything else you’ve ever smelled. See, wasn’t that helpful?

I also want to mention here at the end how incredibly generous and kind and surprisingly unpretentious everyone was who interacted with us. Perhaps they appreciated our enthusiasm for the food as opposed to those who dine there to show off their wealth. They’re closing up at this location soon and moving to the St. Regis in the spring. Maybe this is their chance to rise above their reputation for being fussy and over-the-top. Judging from our meal, Alain Ducasse is ready to be born anew.

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  • Nina

    What fun!

  • Hande

    Adam, you are too funny. And after that video I understand why you love Craig, he is so cute and cool! This past weekend I had a truffle dinner in Italy, if you would like to see what something like that looks like in Italy come over to:

  • andrea

    ohmygoodness…hooray for your gutsy-ness!

    i don’t hate you but i am very very envious. that looks like such an incredible experience–the food, the truffles, the VIP room you get to through the kitchen!! heehee, and the cute singing by craig. plus, the kindness and unpretentiousness gives the restaurant extra bonus points in my book!

    my white truffle experience is limited to a couple bites of pasta at my favorite italian place here in LA, but each bite was divine.. i can’t imagine a whole dinner built around this amazing ingredient! amazing. thanks for sharing!

  • Rebecca

    Yep, I hate you. Free foie, free white truffle dinner. Hate. Hate hate hate.

    But if you keeping writing so entertainingly about it, I might forgive you.

  • Pim

    This. Is. The. Best. Blog. Post. Ever.

    You can quote me.

  • Pim

    Oh, yes, and Craig is too cute. Not as cute as my boyfriend, but cute none the less.

  • Laura

    You are now my new hero.

    *instigates a cheesey slow clap*

  • Wes

    Poor Alain Ducasse just wasted $300 worth of food and wine, all for what? This new content-free post? I’d be furious if I were him.


  • hopcat

    Your sour grapes are showing, Wes!

  • Jason Sholar

    Well Adam, I do not hate you but I really think you should start inviting your deticated readers to some of these events. WOW… when I hit the lotto (eventhough I do not play) I am going here to celebrate!!! Oh ya, the the Craig vid rocks!

  • Lisa (Homesick Texan)

    If you want to try truffles here’s a more affordable option I read about on Sapori d’Ischia

    in Queens has a $50 truffle tasting menu until mid-November. I haven’t been, but I aim to go.

    I just returned from the Piedmonte and I’m still kicking myself for not bringing a truffle back with me. The air in Alba is thick with its fragrance.

  • Lynne

    You’re right, I can’t afford that dinner. But thank you for showing me what it would be like if I could.

  • Jeff

    Awesome post Adam. I felt like I was there…except I am eating popcorn, not truffles. And instead of wine pairings, I have horrible watery work breakroom coffee. The Facts of Life video is awesome

  • Luisa

    Okay, despite my declaration of love for your foie gras post, I think I have to change my mind. THIS is your best post.

  • Becky

    Props to you! Good example of a PR person trying to pitch a blog but not bothering to read the blog first. But they redeemed themselves with the free dinner.

  • the sommelier

    please change “Burgandy” to “Burgundy” or better yet, Bourgogne.

  • Aurore

    Excellent ! The only Ducasse experience I have is burgers and pasta at Publicis Drugstore brasserie in Paris

  • Lucy Vanel

    I think that is the most amazing blog post I have ever seen in my whole life.

  • Heather

    I’ve been reading your blog for the past six months, and it’s always great, but this post is the BEST. Loved it.

  • Kelly

    I love this post! Congrats on the free food! What was your favorite dish?

  • The Guilty Carnivore

    This is a landmark, watershed moment. Thank you for a monumental victory on behalf of use mere plebes.

    I hate you. You guys are dicks.

  • Amity

    You are awesome, Adam. I’m glad that the world is rewarding you.

  • bigolclown

    Brilliant post. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Brilynn

    How do you feel about Craig stealing your thunder? I’m so caught up in the Facts of Life that I don’t even know what your post is about.

  • emily

    You’ve convinced me, AG — if by some chance I come into $320, I am all over Alain Ducasse. Maybe he heard about your Le Cirque smackdown and wanted to get on your good side? :P

  • gidget bananas

    Gosh, that Craig is cute!

    The food looks good too — but you didn’t say whether you liked the dishes! May I assume, because you were swooning at the end, that the food was good?

  • Don

    Great truffle description! The only place I’ve tried truffles was at Sapori d’Ischia. I thought they were delicious. Did you enjoy them? It didn’t sound like you enjoyed the aroma.

  • maryeats

    Yeah! I love this comic series. Again, more, more, more.

  • snorkleboy

    Sorry to break up the idol worship, but this style is really irritating. I’m a big fan and this approach might land you a USAToday online contract but …. sorry

  • Roberto

    I’m just sitting at my paralegal desk working late night on a project on a nice balmy November Friday night in Miami (meaning I should be beachside at some restaurant also tucking into a nice glass of red wine) when I decided to read your posts – which always lift my spirit and get me thinking of what’s next for dinner. For 10 glorious minutes I was at the next table over fancying what your reaction was to different plates, the different glasses of wine being paired with them, and getting Craig to bare his soul ala Babs! So no, I haven’t eaten all those fancy white truffle dishes, least of all prepared by Ducasse – but through your brilliant and funny writing – I kinda feel like I did and that makes it worth every bit of a $320 investment for Mr. Ducasse or the 10 or so minutes your casual readers (AKA fans) have spent – bravisimo!

  • Patrick Lor

    Brilliant post!! Alain should be buying you dinner every week!!

  • AuntJone

    Once again I live vicariously through you. What an amazing experience! The comic-book style presentation is fun and your narratives were hilarious. I laughed out loud when I saw Chunk doing the ‘truffle shuffle’ at the end of the page.

    And for the record, I was singing the them to the Facts of Life just the other day and plan to request it the next time I’m at a piano bar. The bastards better play it.

  • Judith in Umbria

    I don’t hate you one bit. You are, after all, charming, funny and passionate about food, exactly like me!

    Besides, three of my neighbors are truffle hunters and I can buy them wholesale, which isn’t to say cheap. Today begins my town’s annual truffle fair/market, at which the year’s price will be set for Umbria. One year it was €1000/kilo, and another €3000. At €1000 I can afford a nice one, but the odor sends my cats absolutely insane. Even in a sealed jar on rice inside the fridge they can smell it and THEY WANT IT.

    I think white truffles smell like the weekend one spends in bed with a lover without ever showering. Supposedly scientists have related the odor to human pheromones, so I must be right.

    My kid hates them, so there’s one less worry for me.

  • Jeremycj

    I know what chutzpah is but who is the Alain Ducasse chap?

  • Judith in Umbria

    I don’t hate you one bit. You are, after all, charming, funny and passionate about food, exactly like me!

    Besides, three of my neighbors are truffle hunters and I can buy them wholesale, which isn’t to say cheap. Today begins my town’s annual truffle fair/market, at which the year’s price will be set for Umbria. One year it was €1000/kilo, and another €3000. At €1000 I can afford a nice one, but the odor sends my cats absolutely insane. Even in a sealed jar on rice inside the fridge they can smell it and THEY WANT IT.

    I think white truffles smell like the weekend one spends in bed with a lover without ever showering. Supposedly scientists have related the odor to human pheromones, so I must be right.

    My kid hates them, so there’s one less worry for me.

  • Kalle

    Well, I for one am starting to hate you real bad.

    Not that much for the free foie gras and the truffles (I’m not in NY anyway, so being envious about all that is useless), but I am really getting frustrated because your food comics are both better and more popular than mine. Being owned sucks hard.

    Oh, the bitterness! Maybe I should just try to think of your comics as an inspiration for me to draw better ones… (it doesn’t help, I’m still green in the face)

    Or, I’ll just start chanting the wise words you wrote the other day: “you’re entitled to the work, not the rewards”… ;o)

  • ken

    Well done! A fine example of good blogging!

  • jack

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  • Timothy


    It’s this type of post which caused many of us to become devotees in the first place. Cheers on your successes thus far, and particularly in this instance. Bloody he!!

    That said, I cannot BELIEVE Craig sang the “Facts of Life” song while you were there. *blink* Priceless.

  • Mir

    Here via Guy Kawasaki’s blog… if I hadn’t just gotten engaged this week, I would totally be proposing to you. That was PRICELESS.

  • SwedishYlva

    You are so funny!! I really like you. Thanx for making me laugh and long for good food!!

  • Erin

    This is absolutely hilarious! i especially enjoyed your impromptu musical selection. Although, maybe you should have acted out the actual truffle shuffle scene for your readers as well…Just a thought.

  • Anne

    How could I hate such a smart, witty and humorous guy with such great taste in men? IMPOSSIBLE! Your best work yet!

  • VV

    let me go back to how i landed here, my dear husband Yasir( reads Guy’s blog, and he forwarded me this link, and i normally just dont want to read what yasir reads, cos he is a geek, and i lookin at the weird pics, assumed its another geek blog, decided not to read it, just scrolled down really fast, read some of the comments, found the comments interesting went back to your post, dont know what the heck truffles(they dont look like chocolate truffles that you normally get in stores) or foie gras is; but generally i think i have spent abt an hour on your blog! so go figure!

    you guys are funny!

  • trufflemama

    My dh is in Italy at this very moment, collecting truffles with a restaurant-owner friend. This blog was hilarious and wonderful! It hit the nail on the head–perfectly describing MY first encounter with a gourmet truffle dinner. Collect your pennies (ok, that might take years–collect your bills) and go eat truffles! Thanks for putting this post together–complete with the link to YouTube…laugh, giggle, laugh…

  • Peter Garner

    Great story. Frankly for what you guys got, $320 sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

  • Yvonne

    A $320 white truffle meal by one Alain Ducasse who has clearly gone completely insane. I’ve read your blog for nearly two years now and while I’ve enjoyed every post from the beginning, I’d never felt such an unrelenting urge to comment until now.

    Because after this post I hate you.

    The hatred is only slightly lessened by the pretty pictures, delightful “Facts of Life” entertainment and ingenious graphic presentation of an obviously delicious meal. I applaud you Amateur Gourmet, albeit with very bitter hand clapping – whatever that sounds like.

    Did I mention I hate you?

  • aljosa

    You have not tried white truffles until You taste the white truffles from Istria (Croatia)! Look it up. Great post, BTW!

  • hugh

    wow. you’re right, now i hate you. hahaha. i gotta try that truffle tasting!!

  • Lance Shields

    You’re a genius! And I hate you for it. Also I hate you for that video of the Facts of Life. What rotten stupid genius. Did you really eat truffles?

  • Maddux Sports Blog

    Love it! What an awesome experience. And OMG the truffle shuffle. That brings so many memories back.

    Like that time I ate my weight in godfather’s pizza…

  • Skelet

    truffle Shuffle rulez :)

  • w4yne

    Good Post, nice Fun :)

  • Rajan Sodhi

    Very clever presentation of your story! I really enjoyed it, especially the threat of posting the singing of “facts of life” on YouTube, and then having the video follow right after. Hysterical! Great work and a great example of creative story-telling.

  • jenMarie

    please don’t use the cartoon format too much! it’s kinda funny but (except for your brief addendum) i learn almost nothing about the food. although i guess it’s appropriate in this case, because it comes across as a bit of a diss to Ducasse. which is their just desserts for trying to get free advertising from a blogger. the main jist of your ad was “spend $320 so you can feel so full you want to die!”

  • Hanna

    Loved this post. So funny!

  • laura @ cucina testa rossa

    yep, hate you!

    but i always say “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” so good on you!

  • jules

    More Craig singing! More Craig singing! Too funny– I loved this entire post, and am very proud of your for writing down which wines you had!

  • Demetrius Pinder

    Very cool blog posting! Very creative!

  • Christine

    you take the good you take the bad you take ‘em both and there you have….

    aww, now it’s stuck in my head, damn it. *shakes fist*

    Dinner@ Kim Jong Il’s looks fabulous. Did you sit on nukes?

    Joking aside, good for you for being ballsy, sometimes all you have to do is ask!

  • milo317

    Congrats, best post ever on food.

  • peachy

    i love the way you did your post – using different media and all. this is the best ive read so far. very effective. not to mention i also love pastries!!!! (hmm – truffles are pastries, right?) duh. all i know is that its food.

    btw – you also have a cute voice.

  • vijayendra


    im from india and stumbled upon ur blog thru guy kawasaki’s blog. you are doing a great job. hope to see more interesting posts !

  • nemrut

    Ha..ha…hope you guys had a good bowel movement..

  • Shelley (Pink House)

    Wow, that was a fun story, I mean, comic strip. Really – very hilarious. This brings up two points to me – I’ve never had white truffles but I would be afraid to try because last year when I was dining at a very nice restaurant in Seattle, I had salmon with black truffle oil on it (which basically ruined the flavor of…the salmon) and promptly got sick. I mean sick. Itchy, and red rash, churning stomach (later lost the dinner), and had to leave the very expensive restaurant. So I now avoid any dishes on a menu that mention the word “truffle” no matter what the color. …just in case you wanted to know.

    And my second point was that I once wrote about a certain brand of a food item on my blog (in a complimentary manner) and I received an email from the company about a week later, thanking me for the “nice essay prompting our product” and they wanted to send me a gift package in appreciation. So I went them my shipping address as they requested and…nothing. It’s been about two months and nothing every arrived. Strange, huh. (so yes, I’m jealous of your dinner.)

  • Peggy Archer

    Despite the very cool cartoon, I do, in fact, hate you.

    Glad you had fun, and very glad the chutzpah paid off for you!

  • Frank

    You guys made it on guy kawasakis blog:

    He is considered beeing one of the best presenters in the world.

    great work!

  • Jenny

    Can’t stop giggling…or singing “The Facts of Life”.

  • carolita

    I’ve often looked at the Essex House sign with fascination, which is visible from the Sheep Meadow in Central Park (and even on my blog header photo) and wondered what goes on in there… (I wondered if it were a rehab home, or a special clinic for rich people, or perhaps a horse hotel? I’ve spent too long on the lawn at the Sheep Meadow, as you see.) Now I know! Next time I have 320 bucks to spend on food that isn’t already committed to the year’s supply of sardines, black beans, pasta, and rice, you know what I’ll do with it!

  • miss beancurd

    AHHHHH!!! I actually PAID for my white truffles from Morimoto’s (ok, maybe I didn’t but it wasn’t a gift from the restaurant) and here you are.. getting them fore FREE.. and with a wine pairing.. and a goodie bag!! Oh.. I think I’m going to cry now.

  • livetotravel

    I think what I like best about your blog is it’s goal of unabashedly, and unapologetically marketing YOU and branding “Adam” in all it’s permutations.

    As far as critics who might call into question the ethics behind accepting free meals and then writing about them – pshaw – tell them it’s not about Ducasse, it’s all about YOU!

  • sir

    GREAT BLOG PRESENTATION!!! I wished I had that kind of pull!!!

    Hey, was there a particular program that you used for the comic presentation?

    Just curious…

  • scuba sewj

    Wow you made it on Guy’s blog.

  • dobata

    haha creative thinking, wanna see more of those

  • Temple Stark

    Here through Howard’s blog – and yes, great post. Liked the humor of, he wouldn’t

    Youtube that ….. oh ……

    I’m hungrier than I was two minutes ago. temple

  • Mr. Condo

    It is amazing how the web continues to democratized the real world…

    …think of it, now we have currency to barter with the big boys!

    Nice post and congrats!

  • sam

    funny funny boy.


    Do you think I should rethink my puritan policy of not accepting comps?

  • Schorschi

    Geez! Can’t even put a tie on for such a place.

    This proves it again: The only culture Americans have is in the fridge, namely in the yogurt.


  • Terry

    Oh my gosh!! You are hysterical!!!

    NICE JOB! But now I want some truffles TOO!!

  • twenty9

    hehe, nice post! very, very funny!

  • Dan Tudor

    And here I thought I was the only one who knew the words to “The Facts of Life”. Great post.

  • Paul Jardine

    Fantastic post! I have to say that if someone went to that restaurant and got what you got for $320, it would be the bargain of the century! I expect the wine at least would be extra!

    I’ve only tried fresh truffles a couple of times, both in Torino, and they are definitely not like anything you’ve tasted before.

    The guy I was with at the time died shortly after. I believe it was unconnected, although he did say ‘Now I’ve tasted everything!’

    How I wish I’d contradicted him.

  • Pete Wailes

    I’ve always thought they smell kinda like a big wet dog. Sheepdog kinda thing.

  • greasyguide

    I loved the cartoon effect on this post. It was super original. What program did you use to do that in?

  • s’kat

    Now that’s the way to sum up an outrageously wonderful dinner! The food and the passion go from frame to frame, all in perfect harmony.

    sure, you may not have described each dish in magnified detail, but I’m pretty sure most would rank as ‘okay’.

    Secondly… I am going to have that stupid theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  • Duncan

    Wow, I was just going to cook me an omlette. Now I will look at my creation and feel inadequate.

  • beajerry

    Bravo! Wonderful post!

  • David

    I would not have been so nice in the review even at the risk of having to pay for dinner. Truffles from Alba and a French wine? It should have been a Barbaresco or Barolo.

    Partridge egg and consume’ are soooo last year and the pasta should have been Tagliatelle but most likely a risotto would have been more appropriate (this year’s Tartufo is said to be the best in history for both quantity and quality).

  • Kalyn

    Very well done. Your creativity is amazing.

  • bhauth

    The irony is, now you’re on Guy’s blog, which probably has readers who can afford the menu, so now they probably got their promotional money’s worth. Feel free to leverage that into more free food, I guess.

  • Alex

    I’m going to assume that your lack of explanation of how the food actually tasted is due to the fact that you didn’t like it and are just being nice because of their hospitality?

    Great post nonetheless, but I thought this was a food blog!

  • carnet

    Adam.. you should get everyone to chipin and give away a white truffle dinner to one of your readers! Check out this new service that helps you put a little widget for people to chipin on your site.

  • Kevin

    No restaurant has truly made it until they’ve created their page on MerchantCircle!

    In the meantime, I will take my 1/320 of the cost and eat a nice chocolate soft-serve at Wendy’s. I get to keep the cup too!

  • SLOLindsay in Madison

    Wow. My husband told me years ago to save your funny musical theatre-singing egg posts and other silly things, because you were “going to be big,” he said, and I wouldn’t be able to get them after that.

    He was right. You’re big. Rock on, Adam, I’ll pretend I *really* knew you when.

    You might’ve missed an opportunity to ask about one of the last celebrity chefs you met, though — what do they think of Mr. Psaltis?

  • Slack

    Just awesome! Way to go man! I’m so envious!!!

  • Pooran Prasad

    Best post I have seen in my life :D

  • QT

    LOL! First time I’ve seen a blog post in comic format. That’s funny as hell!

  • Richard Buchanan

    This post has one of the most original narratives ever.

    Great stuff.

  • jeff

    Am I the 1000th comment on how awesome your post was? Do I win something? Can I come to dinner?

    Seriously loved the post. I plan to steal the idea and do it poorly. Well, I don’t know what I plan to do, but I am inspired to do something.

    And I am very glad that I found my way here via Winery Web Site Report. You have a new instant fan!

  • Tully

    Ok, I came to this fantastic post via Guy Kawasaki’s blog post.
    On a kinda/sorta related note, my RSS reader came across this:
    Tycoon Drops $160K on White Truffle – The Highest Price Ever

  • Randi

    If you’d known how it was going to be, you would not just have fallen out of your chair, but fallen through the floor too! I found you through Clicked at MSNBC! The restaurant is really starting to get its free food treat to you paid back with some exposure, only because you covered the whole thing so amazingly! Awesome blog!

  • blackbird

    Chutzpah? BALLS.

    Especially the singing, over the truffles, with the wines…

    we have been treated similarly at Daniel and it’s true – no pretension, no stuffiness, just a wonderful evening.

    But I do know how you felt when you couldn’t possibly eat more and there were more courses – AND WINE…


  • Kevin Kunreuther

    You would be surprised at how many privately owned establishments actually engage in this, for many myriad reasons. I am so happy you had such a great gastronomical experience. Thanks for presenting dining event to your audience in a truly funny and entertaining fashion.

    There are American equivalents to European truffles which have their own individual earthy tastes and aromas, many surprisingly affordable. Search the web, research, order some try at home. It’s a tasty adventure which I’m sure you will appreciate.

  • Alanna

    Very clever! I suspect it will get (and deserves) nominations for Post of the Year!

  • jessica


    my bf and i are going there for my bday dinner next weekend and i am just so psyched! (do they let ppl in who say psyched?? hmmm)

    anyway, do u know until when they serve the white truffle tasting menu? and would they let us take one awesome picture inside while eating dinner or will that constitute a big eyebrow-raising event?

    and do we have to resort to sipping one glass of wine pairing per course or are there refills?? (we may not have extra $$ for a refill hahaha!!!)

    well any pointers will be greatly appreciated!!! and i’m so glad you posted this coz it got me even more excited for my trip to ny!!

  • Dave


    The White Truffle Menu is still listed.

    Wine pairing available. And you will be able to take pics of course.

    I am familiar with Four Seasons, Chanterelle,Aureole, Per Se. Did you try any of those?

    Enjoy the dinner.


  • jorge

    fantastic! enjoyable, funny, breathtanking and vanguard post! Loved your history, guys!


    and greetings from Brasil!

  • Lebowski

    I’m very late to this. But I also think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, so I thought I should let you know.

  • johnny frog

    The french season is about to start and whilst not a patch on the white ones these perigord truffles are worth eating. We get ours direct from the man and get a local chef to cook a gourmet meal (hes called franck, not alain). Interestingly they produced around 20 tonnes here in 1882 for the Paris market,the smell must have been unbelievable!

  • Laird Christopher

    I’ve noticed that your all mad about truffles! I am the owner of and yes it’s up for sale it’s on auction at and you can get to it by cutting and pasting the following link:

    Good luck to anyone who puts a bid in!

    Laird Christopher

  • nika

    Am wiping the tears. Too darn tooting funny.. you should be in pictures *winks*

  • Cassi

    Can I hate you? This will cover up my extreme jealousy. What a great story and proof it never hurts to ask!

    I voted for your post.

  • Nicole

    Congratulations on the Food Blog Award!

  • peter horowitz

    mazel tov!

  • AlDicks

    Ooooh fun Adam. And I liked your headfirst dive into comic stripping. Comic stripping. Ha. That is what you getting undressed would be. Tell Craig I miss him and his YouTube wasn’t embarassing because he got ALL the words right!

  • cpr

    i’ve never had truffles like that before (only little bits in pate), but i might now since reading your posting. one day maybe i will make it to new york and try this restaurant. love this post especially! so much fun. great job!

  • Angeline

    I don’t hate you per se, but for some reason now I hate Anderson Cooper and Brad Pitt.

  • Myrtille

    You’re so funny!!!I had a real blast reading your post…

  • ParisBreakfasts

    It’s never too late to say what a great post this is!

    I love the cartoon storyboard!!

    As an Ex-James Beard House photographer, I can atest, this tells the story of high-end eats only too well.Merci

  • MauricioFromBrazil

    Judging from the amount of comments on this post, Alain Ducasse invested his $320 wisely. I love people with true passion for things. This means you. And him. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  • Carla Hailpern

    I just have to say that I LOVE THIS POST!!! Wow!

  • Hillary

    It just occurred to me that, while claiming to be “The Proud Fan,” I hadn’t read some of your greatest blog posts, so I’m doing a little catching up. I wish I knew about you before this year, it would have made for much better procrastination in college!

    And way to go, you lucky, lucky duck. Looking back at this now, you can get a free meal like this probably anywhere if you just flash your book!

  • Manny

    Thanks for sharing.

    I am glad you were able to experience such an event in person.

    Keep on eating.

    Warm Culinary Regards

    Maybe next time you can find a place to do a Caviar Tasting or a Foie Tasting.

  • TMaxim

    I just have to say that I LOVE THIS POST!!! Wow!

  • Duncan

    I am impressed, the comments just keep on coming, long after the taste of the truffles are gone.

  • Proflogistics

    Props to you! Good example of a PR person trying to pitch a blog but not bothering to read the blog first. But they redeemed themselves with the free dinner.

  • Deaqon James

    This is like the best restaurant review post I think I’ve EVER read! Like Nika, I’m in tears!

  • Ayla Goddard

    GOOD job. You know the saying if you don’t ask, the answer will be no – or something like that. So you asked, and it worked! Now I want to hear an epic story of you asking for a menu and getting shut down. Then it would be even :p

  • Nichole Livengood

    best post ever! I died laughing at Craig’s Facts of Life solo.

  • Nichole Livengood

    best post ever! I died laughing at Craig’s Facts of Life solo.

  • Nichole Livengood

    best post ever! I died laughing at Craig’s Facts of Life solo.

  • KitchenTakeover

    ppppffffhahaha, this is great! love the idea of putting it in a comic strip – fab job!