Two New Blogs To Cheer About

Michael Ruhlman, a titan of food writing, is now a food blogger: check out his blog! This is really something to cheer about. Too often the serious food media (of which Ruhlman is surely a part, though he doesn’t take himself too seriously, thank God) turn their noses up at paltry little food blogs like this one and the many others I read every day. So it’s a meaningful gesture and a testament to Ruhlman’s intelligence, passion and savvy that he is now one of us. (What’s that movie where a chorus of freaks chant: “One of us! One of us!”) Welcome to food blogging, Michael. We’re glad to have you.

And for those who prefer lighter fare, someone just fowarded me what is probably a hoax, though a funny one at that: Cooking4Models. There’s only one post so far but I plan to bookmark and check back. Can’t wait to read the recipes.

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