Female On A Plate: A Contest

October 18, 2006 | By | COMMENTS

This week, in New York Magazine, Usher


was asked (on page 22): “What kind of dish would you like to inspire?”

His response was: “Female on a Plate. It would be any kind of dessert I eat–chocolate cake, banana pudding. They have Sex on The Beach. Why Can’t I have Female on a Plate?”

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to enter…

The Amateur Gourmet’s “Female On A Plate” Contest

Here’s what you should do: Design a dish that fits the description “Female on a Plate.” You can be as literal as you want to be, you can take the high road or the low road as long as the road leads to “Female on A Plate.” Send in your entry (with recipe and PICTURES) to amateurgourmet AT gmail DOT com by WEDNESDAY October 25th. Depending on the number of entries, I will try to post them all on the main page and readers will vote for their favorite. The winner will receive an USHER CD or poster of their choice. Good luck!

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  • http://www.tiltbob.com Jason Sholar

    How exciting… Another AG contest… Waaahooo, I cannot wait to see all the entries.

  • http://cooking-101.blogspot.com Meredith

    I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but don’t you find this a bit offensive? Like Usher thinks it’s okay for women to be bought, sold or otherwise treated as objects and not individuals? It makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • http://www.pitofmystomach.typepad.com pitofmystomach

    A celebrity and his mildly amusing food fetish. Now that’s entertainment!


  • AuntJone

    I’m not sure I understand what he’s getting at. Is he saying he wants a dessert that echoes the pleasure of female companionship, like a tribute? Or is he being a pig and wants women served to him on a platter so he can objectify them?

    I wouldn’t call this a food fetish but more of a control issue and lack of respect.

  • http://angusindex.blogspot.com emily

    Sorry Usher, I think Judy Chicago beat you to the plate — check out “The Dinner Party,” her tribute to 39 powerful women in history, each represented by a very, shall we say, *female* looking ceramic dish.


  • Jenni Loves Adam

    this reminds me of the SNL skit with Sean Connery where he plays a baker who only makes cakes of women using the toilet. it’s a good’un.

  • http://www.jumboempanadas.blogspot.com Brilynn

    I think this is pretty funny and I’ll definitely be entering something!

  • http://lobstersquad.blogspot.com losbtersquad

    what a gift for words that guy has. I don´t know who he is, but I think this contest well deserves a try.

  • http://technically.us/eat Leland

    Could Usher possibly be any gayer?

  • Martha

    Leland has hit the nail on the head. The fruitier the entries, the better.

  • http://thecookscottage.typepad.com Jyotsna

    What an a——.You can NOT be serious with your competition.

  • brrenda

    Aren’t you even embarrassed to appear to be so objectifying?

    I can’t figure out if you have no standards, are desperate for attention or just don’t think before you post things. Whichever way, you’ll fit in with Sandra Lee just fine!

  • Kelley

    Whether it’s something as simple as plating food in the silhouette of a female or has a deeper meaning, it’s just a contest. A contest designed to test your creativity. I’m not sure how creating a dish that represents femininity, sexuality, delicacy or sensuality could be interpreted as objectifying women. It is not an insult to celebrate women with a dish. Unless you’re about to suggest that ordering a Sex on the Beach is akin to asking to watch porn in a bar. . . Get real.

  • http://www.jumboempanadas.blogspot.com Brilynn

    I can’t believe so many people are offended by this! Loosen up.

    I’ve started working on my entry already, and I assure you, if Usher’s comments offended you, so will be entry. You’ve been warned.

  • laura

    It’s just a fun contest and no one is getting hurt, its not like its going to be setting back the women’s rights movement! If anything it can be empowering to interprete “female on a plate” as something positive, so people loosen up. Its all in good fun.

  • simmer down now, girls…

    i think this post just lost us our right to vote.