Cappuccino vs. Latte

So I’ve gotten into the Italian thing of having my big milky coffee drink in the morning instead of the afternoon (because, as I learned in “Cooking For Mr. Latte,” one doesn’t want to drink a big milky coffee drink after a big meal like lunch or dinner.) When I was in the habit of drinking coffee drinks in the afternoon, I would have an iced latte (mostly in the summer.) Now that it’s getting cooler, and now that I’m drinking in the morning, I’ve gone back and forth between getting a cappuccino and getting a latte. It occurred to me this morning when I placed my order (today, a latte; yesterday was a cappuccino): “I wonder if people have strong feelings on this issue? I should ask my reading public.”

And so, reading public: If you drink one of these drinks in the morning, why do you drink the one and not the other? Do you have strong feelings about it? Is it really just a difference of foam or no foam? Have you ever been to a foam party? Is it true you can break your hip? Thank you, in advance, for your answers.

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