The Book Is In!


Let’s let out a collective gasp: I made my deadline and my book, food gods be thanked, is in. And I’m so excited about it: I love this book. Seriously. It’s packed with everything I could think of to say, to do, to share—recipes, anecdotes, adventures, family history, food celebrities. You name it: it’s in there.

And now my editor (who is awesome and who reads this, hi Philip!) reads it, sends it back to me with lots of notes and markings, I incorporate the notes, send it back to him, and so on until we both agree on a final manuscript. Then it goes to a copy editor, who proofreads for spelling and grammar, and then on to the typesetters. It’s a long process and the book won’t come out, believe it or not, until Fall 2007. But that’ll be here before you know it and you’ll get to finally read all the words I’ve been hinting at and keeping from you these months I’ve been working on my book.

So now I get to rest, relax and, oh ya, pack and move to Brookyln. But this is a proud moment, my first book finished and handed in to the publisher. Let’s hope there’s more where that came from. What if I cooked every recipe mentioned in the Julia/Julia project? I’ll call it the Adam/Julie/Julia project. Catchy no? Until that comes out, though, feel free to virtually pat me on the back for finishing book #1. But please wash your hands first.

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