Sorry From Sirio

My mom got home today (to our house in Boca Raton, FL) and found a FedEx package at the door. She took it inside and opened it and inside was a copy of Sirio Maccioni’s autobiography and this letter (click the picture for a bigger version):


I suppose Sirio (or his team) tracked down my family using the credit card information from that night’s check. (I think it’s a tiny drop creepy, but not in a Jennifer Jason Leigh sense.) The letter itself is a very kind gesture and I do think it speaks to Sirio’s (and Le Cirque’s) professionalism that they’ve followed through with such care. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable going back, even if the meal is free (though that is a big incentive). If we do go you’ll certainly read about it here. [Here’s the link to the original review.]

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