More thoughts on Shopsin’s Burrito French Toast

– First, James Felder (of Snapshot Artifact) doctored the picture I took with my cell phone so it looks better. Here it is:


[NOTE: James fixed the photo again to be less green.]

– I wrote this in the comments, but just in case you didn’t read it I want to tell you how my Burrito French Toast was made. They have various Burrito French Toast options, all of which are intriguing (the most intriguing is lime and chevre). Mine was banana and it was made by wrapping a tortilla burrito-style around mashed banana. Then the burrito is dipped in egg and corn flakes and deep-fried. After that it’s sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. It’s a true work of art.

– I just studied the Shopsin’s Menu online and I don’t see Burrito French Toast on there so maybe this is a new dish? Shopsin’s was closed for a month and it just re-opened. Maybe Kenny used that time to come up with new dishes?

– A piece of evidence that suggests that this is true is that when they brought my Burrito French Toast out, Kenny came out of the kitchen to watch me eat it. Craig’s food wasn’t ready yet but Kenny said, “Go ahead, take a bite. His food’s gonna be another five minutes.”

– Craig was very judgmental about my Burrito French Toast. “Don’t eat the whole thing,” he kept warning me. “I’ll have to take you to the E.R.” When it was over and I kept nibbling and nibbling until it was almost done he suggested I run around the block a few times. “No thanks,” I said and took another bite.

– This is the most mesmerizing dish I’ve eaten in a long time. I keep thinking about it. It’s ingenious: I mean who would ever think to make burrito French toast? But it’s also so guilt-inducing. When it was over, I never wanted to eat again. It was like eating a giant donut stuffed with bananas.

– This is the first food item I’ve photographed at Shopsin’s. They hate publicity so I hope I don’t get in trouble. Apparently they’re more famous now because of their movie. “People keep asking me about the movie,” said Kenny’s son to an old lady behind us. “I’m sick of talking about it.”

– I think everyone who can should make a trip to Shopsin’s at least once to try this burrito French toast. I already have Adam of Slice smacking his lips in anticipation (he left an enthusiastic comment.) To those of you who are grossed out by the concept, just think about how grossed out people probably were at the invention of mayonnaise or fried chicken. And now you spend your days dipping friend chicken in mayonnaise but once upon a time someone thought that was gross. So don’t be a hater, be an eater. Go eat Shopsin’s burrito French toast. And save me some when you’re done.

* NOTE: If you do go and order Burrito French toast, try a different flavor, take a covert picture (they’ll yell at you if they see you) and send me a write-up. I’ll post it on the site. Hope I don’t get banned!

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